5 year old Malakhi

Posted by: 3dobermans

5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 12:58 PM

My younger brother took this young child in to foster. He's a distant nephew and my bro has a heart of gold when it comes to others.
Sadly Malakhi turned out to be violet towards others and would also try to hurt himself. Ed did everything he could to help him adjust but it reached a point where the child was to much of a danger. The counselor never informed anyone of any problems or possible problems. After about a month Ed had to turn him over to the counselor then late yesterday was told he needed to pick Malakhi up and drive him to Walla Walla Wash. to a children's treatment center.
This is a child from a mother that's heavily into drugs/alcohol. There's also a one year old from the same mother that had to be weaned off drugs that were in her system as well.
My heart feels broken by those adults who think they can abuse parenthood and especially the children that suffer from their actions.
I ask for prayer for all the children that are in a drug abuse situation.
Thank you
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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 01:02 PM

That's very sad Trippy. I spent a couple years as a parent trainer in a center for children with behavioral disorders. I saw a lot of things.

Sending prayers and positive thoughts.

Ana hearts
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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 01:10 PM

I think there must be a very special place in hell for people who abuse and neglect children. I can't carry the weight of the hate these people invoke.(proper word?) I can only trust in God that there will be justice. And that the children will come into their own.
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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 04:15 PM

Awwww Trippy....so sad.
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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 06:37 PM

Very Sad....

My prayers for, Malakhi.....5 years old, He has to be going through a terrible time as well...

Very young for anyone to give up on him....

My opinion....

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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 08:15 PM

Darleen, Ed didn't give up on him; he doesn't have the training to deal with children that have severe psychological issues. I've worked in psych for years and even I don't have the child behavior training that's needed.
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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 08:41 PM

Aw so sad but unfortunately there is a lot of that going on out there. Happens when kids have kids and all they want to do is party all the time and forget about being a parent. My youngest granddaughter is having some of those issues too.

Hugs and Prayers headed up!!

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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/02/13 11:36 PM

Trippy, I do hope Malakhi can be helped
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/03/13 05:09 AM

How sad Trippy. Don't give up hope.
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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/03/13 07:59 AM

How sad for everyone - and especially for the child frown

Kudos to your brother for trying to help, 3dobermans praise
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Re: 5 year old Malakhi - 02/03/13 12:27 PM

Poor little tyke. So very sad he can't be a happy, normal five year old. Prayers going up for him and the one year old as well. And for your brother, bless him for trying!! cry