Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!}

Posted by: Leeana

Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/06/13 07:58 AM

Take this cute chocolate test to find out your true being.

If you were buying candy and you had your choice of the following,which would you choose?


Ok - Now That We Have Your Choice, This Is What Research Says About You!!!

And can't change your mind once you scroll down. So think carefully about what your choice will be!

BABY RUTH - Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm fuzzy items. A little nutty. Sometimes you need an ice cream cone at the end of the day.

3 MUSKETEERS - You are adventurous, love new ideas, are a champion of underdogs and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare up, you whip out your sabre.

BUTTERFINGER - Smooth articulate, you are an excellent after-dinner speaker and a good teacher. But don't try to walk and chew gum at the same time.

SNICKERS - Fun-loving, sassy, humorous. Everyone enjoys being around you. But you are a practical joker - others should be cautious in shaking hands!

HERSHEY - Romantic, warm, loving. You care about other people and can be counted on in a pinch. You tend to melt.

ALMOND JOY - Sexy, always ready to give and receive, very energetic, and really like to get into life. The opposite sex is always attracted to you.

CLARK BAR - You like sports, whether baseball, football, basketball, or soccer. If you could, you would like to participate, but enjoy watching sports. You don't like to give up the remote control.

GOOD 'n' PLENTY - You are a very fun loving person, who likes to laugh. You are fun to be with. People like to hang out with you. You are a very warm hearted person.

ENERGY BAR - Life is passing you by. Get a life!!!! Go eat a plum.

CHOCOLATE COATED RAISINS - You go to the bathroom often.
Posted by: cailyn

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/06/13 08:13 AM

Almond Joy has alway's been my favorite since childhood waveThis is cute thanksDMD75
Posted by: Sorta Blonde

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/06/13 11:43 AM

Baby Ruth! Thank goodness it's not the raisins. rotfl
Posted by: Mad

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/06/13 01:47 PM

Snickers !! rotfl
Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/06/13 05:42 PM

Too cute. I picked 2....puppy
Posted by: oldbroad

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/06/13 08:43 PM

So wrong though. Clark bar for me. Sports - No Way!
Posted by: Homer6

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/07/13 01:21 AM

You mean we could only choose ONE? Everything on the list is my choice.
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/07/13 05:18 AM

My favorite is a Baby Ruth and my 2nd choice is Snickers. Love my chocolate!
Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/10/13 10:17 AM

I'm with Homer6 on this one. I want them all, but if I have to choose, I pick Hershey's.
Posted by: flutist

Re: Chocolate Test {...No cheating!!} - 02/10/13 10:28 AM

Snickers, snickers and more snickers. The snickers ice cream bars also. Yum!!