Is $200 too much

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Is $200 too much - 09/16/13 07:07 PM

I don't know if this is the place to post my concern or not if it is please feel free to delete. I am a huge jazz fan and I love Jeff Lorber and fusion jazz. I went looking for an old CD, Wizard Island, that was produced about 30 years ago. To my surprise it's now considered rare, collectable, I found several LP's but a CD went from a low of $122 to $199. I tried to network to locate someone who might burn a copy for me. I would pay for the labor of course, but to no avail. I just wanted to express my dismay and ask if you feel I should pass on it and listen to the LP in house or spend the money. I feel better having shared .
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Re: Is $200 too much - 09/16/13 07:16 PM

Lexxy, asking someone to burn a CD for you is the same as copying a game and goes against GB copyright rules.

You can purchase the Galaxy CD which includes Wizard Island and get a free mp3 download also here on Amazon for 11.48.

There are multiple other CD's and downloads here for cheap.

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Re: Is $200 too much - 09/17/13 11:20 PM

Well you know I guess I never looked at it that way but I guess you are right. I did know that the Galaxy cd included Wizard Island, I will certainly check it out. Thanks for the info.


Thanks for the looking out but the Galaxy cd has the cut Wizard Island but it's NOT the CD Wizard Island that I am seeking. That CD has the title cut from the CD itself. I do appreciate your looking out for me and I will continue my search. I am sure if I look long enough I will find it...thanks again for trying to help me.
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Re: Is $200 too much - 09/17/13 11:53 PM

Have you seen this?

Also, it appears it is being reissued as a CD on November 5th. You can preorder Here.
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If I could see you right now I would give you a BIG HUG. I did not see that . I have already placed my pre order, Thanks sooooo much for your help.
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Re: Is $200 too much - 09/18/13 09:59 AM

Yay!! Glad that is what you were looking for. woot

I'll take the hug and we can do a happy dance together. yay
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You will never know how much money and gray hair you have saved me. Get ready here comes the dance yay yay
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