Blindspot season 2

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Blindspot season 2 - 09/07/16 01:23 AM

8 things you need to know about season 2
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Are you looking forward to it, Guybrush?

Ana wave
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hubby and i started watching this. i need to go finish watching it. guybrush, have you seen the show vera ,(mot sure if its on netflix) amd this one is death in paradise. i watched one or 2 on hulu thats kinds of crazy, doc martin and the indian doctor or india doctor
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Season 2 episode 1: "In Night So Ransomed Rogue" which is an anagram of "Nothing Is More Dangerous"

I wouldn't take her handler's word for it that the name they revealed is her real name except that we were told we would learn her real name in this episode. So if the publicity people told us the truth than the bad guys did too.

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There is a mole in the FBI who's working with her handlers but we don't know who. Is it one of the season 1 characters who continue on in the series or the new guy? All the trouble they went to fool Weller last season it cant be him but everybody else a potential traitor. Her handlers are supposedly her mother (by adoption) and her brother (same blood type so maybe real).

Edit: I've seen the firs season/series of Vera. Netflix has 6 on DVD. I added more to my queue.

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I've been watching Vera too My10. It's a great series.
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it wasn't to bad of a series. since we do'nt have cable we use hulu and netflix. right now i am watching series called midsomer murders. i watched some shows that held our interest or rather mine , mcleods daughters, water rats , doc martin (this one was a crazy one )
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Its/series they start losing people. I'm still shocked how Death in Paradise handled the lead actor leaving. Don't know of any American series that would pull that
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The British detective after years of solving murders is himself murdered.
. He started a trend, in people leaving though not in the same way. Still waiting for Netflix to get season 5. Watching a series from New Zealand "True Crime". Dramatic portrayls of actually crimes. Its good but being an American I can't help but thinking, if they'd arm their police officers they wouldn't be producing episodes about murdered police officers. One episode "The Siege" lasted two days. In America about 10 minutes, because armed officers seeing the crook point a shotgun at another officer would have pulled their pistols and shoot the crazy man dead. Not let him drive them away because they were unarmed, then stand by helplessly as he goes to get a automatic, military grade, rifle to kill one officer, wound 2 others, and several civilians, endanger a police dog, and fire bullets through half the town's windows. The police dog was better armed, with its teeth, than the officers.

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i know hubby wasn'tto fond of death on paradise after the lead actore left. will have to check out the new zealand one. there was anonter one on hulu that i wanted to watch but they don't have it any more and now i can't remember the name. wish water rats hadn't ended and this is one i really enjoyed watching lark rise to candleford
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Clearly the message I thought I posted this morning didn't actually get sent. Anyway, I was saying I think the sleeper agent has revealed himself to the audience. Although some people think its too obvious, I don't. It actually make sense that the person keeping an eye on
"Jane" would not be a field agent, who could get themselves killed on one of the tattoo cases but someone who stays safely at the office so there is less chance their dead when they're needed.

It also provides a new blindspot. Last season it was Weller who had the blindspot. This season it had to be someone else.

Season 2 episode 2: "Heave Fiery Knot"
"They Invoke Fear"

Episoe 3 "Hero Fears Imminent Rot"
“For Their Moment is Near"

Episode 4: "If Beth"
"The FBI"

Episode 5: "Condone Untidiest Thefts"
"Defends The Constitution"
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Episode 6: "Her Spy's Harmed"
"Shepherd's Army"

Episode 7: "Resolves Eleven Myths"
"Only Serve Themselves"

Episode 8: "Do Not Slack, The Featherweight Wins"
"When The Soldiers Attack, We Fight On

Episode 9: "Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform"

Oh BTW episode 7 has a lot of pop cultural references even takes a jab at NBC's other show "The Blacklist" when the hacker trying to get the FBI to let him go says he can work with them to bring down other criminals "and I'll even wear a hat" which is a reference to the hat James Spader wears as Red Reddington.
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Blindspot's fall finale is next week. Teaser says lots of shocks and don't miss the last 5 minutes.

The Blacklist already had its fall finale. And it was disappointing to me. No shocks. Nothing to make me anticipate its return in January.
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NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ended on a cliffhanger.
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As I suspected the pyschiatrist turned out to be the mole. And when Patterson who had been sleeping with him figured out they ended up fighting over a gun and it went off. The ending credits role without showing which one took the bullet. Before that a little poetic justice Jane realizing she can't save her brother from himself, injected him with the same memory erasing drug he injected her with in order to give him a chance at a new start/
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Creator of Blindspot says the mole was planned from the start but originally it was going to be Zapata. However, durring filming of the pilot it was decided that was a terrible idea so the mole was changed when they actually started filming. And if you go back and watch the pilot the clues to the future reveal of the mole are there.

He also says Jane and Roman are each others blindspots. Which makes sense.
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It's always fun to go back and pick up those "aha" moments wave
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Apparently season 2 episode 9's title is the last anagram:
Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform = We Shall Protect Your Freedom

Now they're palindromes, same forward and backwards:

Episode 10: Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron
Episode 11: Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord
Episode 12: Devil Never Even Lived
Episode 13: Name Not One Man

There's also a coded message:

nor I, nigel aKa leg in iron
droll autumn, Unmutual lord
devil neveR lived
name noT one man
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Blindspot season 2 finale coming up. And I'm kind of surprised, the series has already been renewed for a third season.
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That was an interesting ending. So is season 3 going to just jumper over 2 years or will episodes alternate between 2020 and flash backs to 2018? New cast for the season or just one episode?
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Season 3 started 18 months before season 2 ended then worked its way forward. I don't know that I'm interested anymore. They made a regular out of a character I couldn't stand (Richdotcom). And now everybody's hiding things.
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Weller did something in Berlin he doesan't want Jane (who is now his wife) to know about. She's hiding fake IDs and money in their home. Zaapta is now CIA and hiding something from the FBI. Edgar a drug addict not only managed to keep his job witht the FBI is now the leader of this group and he's become a by the book kind of guy. Patterson has been dating Richdotcom and doesn't want the rest of her old team to know it so she pretends to hate him. And the chief baddie is Roman who ceased to be interesting as soon as he got his memory back last season.

Its turning into a soap opera. No thanks.
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Sorry you aren't enjoying it anymore.

Ana wave