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Fauda - 11/02/17 11:18 PM

Fauda (Arabic for "Chaos") is a 12 part Israeli TV drama streaming on Netflix. According to wikipedia there's a second season but at this point Netflix only has the first.

18 months ago Israeli agent Doron Kavillio believed he killed terrorist Taufiq Hammed aka Abu Ahmad aka The Panther and so retired to wine making. When its learned that the terrorist is still alive (having fooled even his own people into thinking he was actually dead) Doron's formber boss Mickey Moreno brings him back in for a one time mission to kill the terrorist during the wedding of the Panther's younger brother.

However things do not go as planned. The terrorist is not even at the wedding when the agents cover is blown and during their escape the terrorists younger brother Bashir is killed.

Doron not happy working the winery convinces Moreno to keep him on on the team until Abu Ahmad is dead. This does not sit well with agent Boaz who thinks 18 months out of the field is too long.

As the Israeli agents hunt for The Panther, he plots his revenge for the death of his brother. Bashir's widow decides she want to be a suicide bomber to avenge the death of her husband and goes looking for The Panther, whom she assumes is alive even though his wife and mother say he's dead (the wife knows she's lying not sure about the mother).

The series defaults to Hebrew (and Arabic?) with English subtitles. But can be set to dubbed in English. I found the dubbing and subs don't match so I just stuck with the original dialogue subtitled.

I've watched the first two episodes. Two has a very dramatic ending.
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Sounds like you are enjoying it wavegirl
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Unfortunately for some reason they felt in necessary to add an adulterous affair which I don't think is going to end the way the married person thinks. And a second secret relationship between too single people thats still probably not a good idea.

I never like these soap opera subplots. The Isralei agent pretending to be an Arab in love with an Arab doctor is actually a necessary part of the plot. The rest is just a distraction. That only serves to make characters unlikable (at least for me).
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They do like to tangle things up, don't they?
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Whats good about this show is the balance. The terrorists are actually people with families they love and who love them. The agents hunting the terrorists are flawed human beings. Both side think they're right and do bad things which they justify to themselves.

Four episodes to go and neither side is doing well. Both groups are imploding from within as nobody trusts their leaders. Both sides have suffered losses.

Oh the Panther is addicted to chocolate.
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Twist ending. Wish I could say I was surprised but it was pretty clear what would happen.

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After discovering that Abu Ahmad's Chosen One, to carry a suicide bomb with sirin gas into a synagogue is in fact an Israeli spy (Doran) who has manged to infiltrate their ranks, Abu Ahmad's most trusted man Walid El Abed warns the others over the phone, that their suicide bomber is a jew. Assuming they will kill Doran, Walid then reveals Abu Ahmad's failure to him before shooting him in the back of the head, killing The Panther instantly. Doran's team saves him, killing the rest of the terrorists in the area. Walid apparently reports The Panther's death to the Israelis who inform his wife, who was going to fly to Germany with her children, that she is a now a widow for real. Meanwhile, Walid's cousin, Dr. Shirin El Abed, who he is in love with and wants to marry, is having breakfast with a man she thinks is an Arab who is in love with her but is in fact Doran, the Israeli spy. Walid sends her a video which reveals Doran's identity to her. She walks out of the cafe without saying a word. I don't know what they call the cloth that that Panther wears sometimes over his shoulder and someone times over his face to hide his identity, but Walid is last seen walking off alone with it around his shoulders signifying he is now The Panther(?)

A second season is planned but apparently hasn't happened yet.

There are some loose ends:
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Will Doran divorce his wife who had an affair with a fellow agent? Will she learn he actually slept with Shirin El Abed? Will he claim it was just a mission? Will Dr. Shirin El Abed marry her cousin even though she doesn't love him, in that way? Will Hammas believe that the jews killed Abu Ahmad not his own man, Walid El Abe and accept the 20 year old as the leader of The Panther's cell?

One thing I noticed, jews and moslems alike carried their handguns "concealed" in the small of the back position aka the SOB position (if you think about that for a moment you won't use that position). I could see it because they wanted the audience to know they were armed but since they were not covering up the gun it was only concealed from someone standing in front of them anybody coming up behind them could see they were armed. In one scene Moreno sat down without removing his gun from his back. In reality this would be a) uncomfortable and b) dangerous. This is not a good way to carry a gun. If you fall down you have a heavy, sharp object on your spine. If you're clumsie reaching for your gun you could shoot yourself in the spine.

What I didn't pay close enough attention to tell is if they were actually using the "Israeli Method" which would require racking the slide before firing. Also known as Condition 3, the "Israeli Method" is to carry your semi automatic weapon with a loaded magazine but no round in the chamber. Its called the "Israeli Method" because its how the Israeli military teaches their soldiers to carry their weapons. Its not exclusive to Israel however.

The conditions are:
Condition 0: magazine loaded, round in the chamber, hammer back, safety off, you are ready to fire
Condition 1 aka "cocked and locked" is magazine loaded, round in the chamber, hammer back, safety on
Condition 2: magazine loaded, round in the chamber, hammer down, safety on
Condition 3 aka "Israeli Method": magazine loaded, no round in the chamber, hammer down, safety on
Condition 4: unloaded, magazine removed, no round in the chamber, hammer down, safety on (safest condition but also most useless)

Safety here refers to a manual safety, a switch to be switched, a button to be pressed or knob to be turned. Glocks do not have such devices (one reason I will never own a Glock). Some semi autos have a grip safety which means the gun will not fire unless you are actually holding the gun and thus pressing down a safety switch in the grip. Some have a device on the actual trigger which has to be pulled with the trigger before the gun will fire. These may be in addition to or instead of the manual safety.

Condition 0 has most potential to result in an negligent (unintentional) shooting. And no sane person would carry this way. You switch to condition 0 when ready to fire not before

Condition 1 is how 1911 style pistols are designed to be carried, the safety in fact will not engage if the hammer is down

Condition 2 modern double action revolvers are usually carried in this condition except they don't usually have a safety.

Condition 3 is how people not comfortable with pistol in nearly ready to fire mode carry their pistols. less prown to unintended firing but requires more time to actually fire the gun. I would assume a trained solider would know when to switch from condition 3 to 1 or 0. And not wait to be shot by the enemy already in condition 0. For single action revolvers Condtion 3 means 1 empty chamber and the hammer down. traditionally revolvers do not have mechanical safeties, I however have a .22 single action revolver with a safety. A modern idea.

In some US states you are required by law to carry in Condition 3 some even 4 which is absurd.

Condition 4: the condition your gun should be in when you're cleaning it, when you are using it to train new shooters in gun saftey, when you are letting someone else handle it (like in a gun store when they let you handle a gun you might want to buy) or when you are placing it in long term storage. Also the condition the gun must be in to be packed for transporting onboard a plane or in some US states/cities/counties a car or truck. (In Nebraska its illegal to have a loaded shotgun in your vehicle but not a handgun or rifle)