couldn't get on internet

Posted by: family

couldn't get on internet - 10/03/12 07:49 PM

i have to return my computer back to factory settings could one of my games be causing it, i also had to right click and click open, but i could't get on the internet til now.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: couldn't get on internet - 10/03/12 08:38 PM

As long as your games are all from legitimate sources -- either retail boxed versions or from reputable download sites like Amazon, Big Fish, GOG, Gamersgate, or Adventure Shop -- it's unlikely that one of your games would cause you not to be able to get on the Internet. It's more likely that your ISP had temporary problems or there was some other glitch with your computer.

However if you downloaded a game from a suspicious website, it may have been infected with a virus or some other malware that interfered with your Internet connection.
Posted by: family

Re: couldn't get on internet - 10/03/12 08:39 PM

okay thank you very much, i found out my problem i over load my computer with games, i put too many games on it.