WL Mouse

Posted by: Geo

WL Mouse - 10/04/12 08:00 AM

This might be a dumb question but,Do you have to turn off a wireless mouse with the on/off button after each use to save the battery?
Posted by: kjos

Re: WL Mouse - 10/04/12 08:27 AM

Geo,I do all the time sure saves on batt life.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: WL Mouse - 10/04/12 09:46 AM

Depends. My wireless mouse shuts itself off after a period of no use.
Posted by: Homer6

Re: WL Mouse - 10/06/12 02:14 AM

What do the instructions say? I've never used one so I can't say either way. To my way of thinking, though, if its off the battery isn't being drained. Unless it has an automatic idle/shut off/etc. mode, the circuitry will draw power.