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Spellforce - 10/10/12 09:09 AM

This is an original game and I am running windows 7 sp1.
I install the game alright but when trying to play, it doesn't recognize the Cd key,I know the label typeface has caused many problems but I'm pretty sure I have the right key.
I have heard it can be inputted direct into registry but I'm not sure where it goes?
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Re: Spellforce - 10/10/12 10:18 AM

See if one of the suggestions on this page helps:
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Re: Spellforce - 10/10/12 04:34 PM

it won't start at all in 95/98/nt compatibility
it says jowood brought out a patch but I can't find that and unfortunately jowood is now part of Nordic games and I haven't had any response from them
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Re: Spellforce - 10/10/12 05:08 PM

This describes the different patches

I don't know which version of Spellforce you have.
They recommend 1.11 if you only have Order of the Dawn without the addons.

Here's v1.11

Here's a page with links to several
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Re: Spellforce - 10/10/12 08:51 PM

I updated it to vers 152 but it still won't go past cd key. Jowood brought a patch to make the print more legible, but that seems unavailable.
The trouble is although I'm 99% sure ok key (on case), that's not 100%
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Re: Spellforce - 10/10/12 09:04 PM

Have you tried a NoCD?
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Re: Spellforce - 10/11/12 09:23 AM

I have tried them all, but none get you past that initial "first starting game" screen.
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Re: Spellforce - 10/11/12 10:05 AM

Apparently the serial code is needed for online play, even if you're using a NoCD.

If you want to do a more thorough test of the NoCD's, you'd have to uninstall and reinstall the game to get rid of the patch. There are different NoCD's for different patch levels. But it sounds like that wouldn't help with the key problem anyway if you're going online.

If you want to enter the key manually, the key is mentioned in this thread
Originally Posted By: SFKServant
the key registry is stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Phenomic\Spellforce2, click on it and you can edit your key manually, or delete it and reinstall the game.

It's probably best to remove any NoCD's you might have applied before entering the code.

Which version of the game do you have? Is it the Order of the Dawn or the "Diamond" version or a different version?