Secret files Tunguska

Posted by: monbron

Secret files Tunguska - 10/22/12 03:37 PM

Any one know if this will play with win 7 I have checked the list and I can't see it?? rah
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Secret files Tunguska - 10/22/12 03:43 PM

Yes, I replayed it fairly recently on Win 7 and it ran perfectly without any tweaking. smile
Posted by: LadyCav

Re: Secret files Tunguska - 10/22/12 03:49 PM

Rushes beat me to it.

I had installed several older games on this fairly new laptop (none of them played yet), both Secret Files games among them.
Mine also opened up perfectly, but not in widescreen, having black borders all around, if that helps you any.
Posted by: monbron

Re: Secret files Tunguska - 10/23/12 06:21 AM

Cheers everyone, having played 3 I felt like playing the 1st 2 again. thanks