Google Chrome.... Fixed

Posted by: Winfrey

Google Chrome.... Fixed - 11/09/12 05:31 PM

I've been using Chrome for a long time. Today I tried to load it and it won't start.. won't open. I click on the icon and it flashes and shuts right down... I have tried turning off Avast... uninstalling... nothing is working... any idea of how I can get chrome back?
Did a quick scan with Malaware... did ccleaner too.

Found an old version... loaded it and now it is working :-)
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Google Chrome - 11/09/12 06:49 PM

I've never heard of Malaware and can't find it with a Google search. Are you thinking of Malware Bytes? If you installed something called "Malaware" it may actually be malware and the source of your problems.

I don't really know the answer, and can only suggest what I'd do if I wanted to run Chrome. So if someone who is familiar with Chrome knows how to fix this problem, feel free to give a better answer.

I found a couple of threads about Chrome failing to start, which might give you some idea what to do:

Or you could try uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. Delete the Chrome folder after uninstalling and run Ccleaner's registry cleaner to "Scan for Issues."

The problem could be conflicting Add-Ons to Chrome, but if Chrome won't even start, I don't know how to remove them. It could also be a failed update, if you've set Chrome to automatic update in the background.
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/09/12 06:52 PM

Malware Bytes? yes that is what I ment.
Already uninstalled it.. from my add and remove programs and ran ccleaner...and deleted the chrome folder... thanks but this did not help
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: Google Chrome - 11/09/12 06:58 PM

Try manually uninstalling it and then reinstall it.

Manually uninstall Google Chrome in Windows
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/09/12 07:26 PM

Thanks for the info InlandAZ I did what it said and reinstalled but to no avail.... it starts to open and shuts down immediately.
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: Google Chrome - 11/09/12 08:34 PM

Try this one -

Google Chrome Safe Mode

Look for the section that describes how to do it in the shortcut properties.

If you want to create a shortcut that opens Chrome in incognito mode, duplicate an existing Chrome shortcut, right-click on the shortcut, select "Properties" and append this flag to the target value: --incognito (don't forget to add a space to separate the flag).
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/09/12 10:20 PM

Almost InlandAZ it tried to open... but didn't...It flickered longer but did not catch... darn!
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Google Chrome - 11/09/12 10:59 PM

Winfrey, when you said you ran CCleaner, did you also run it on the registry like Jenny mentioned? A Google search turned up some posts on this issue on the Chrome forums. Have you tried asking what might be going on there?
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/10/12 07:43 AM

I ran ccleaner on the registry too. I have not posted at their forum but have gone there and read posts. Their thought is thar it would be your Firewallor Jerusalem protection. I turned both off. Or User profile is bad. I also changed the name on that file and it created a new one..did not work.
Posted by: Donald

Re: Google Chrome - 11/10/12 08:31 AM

Try shutting down your computer completely and not just a restart and see if this helps.
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/10/12 09:02 AM

Hi, Donald I shut down a couple of times to no avail. I posted at the forum. copied my windows temp chrome folder for them... would you like to see it?
I found a chrome.7Z in my chrome application installer folder I uncompressed it and found a chrome-bin with an chrome.exe file I right clicked on that and in the compatibility I changed it to windows 2000. It states some things wont work but it opened?! not sure how to get the real one working. But at least this opens
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: Google Chrome - 11/10/12 11:24 AM

Check the version number of the working browser - is it newer or older than the one you have installed? Does it run without setting the compatibility mode to Windows 2000?

You should be able to extract the 7Z file and manually replace the copy that isn't working. That, or perform a restore prior to Chrome not working.
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/10/12 07:25 PM

Did a restore and was told I was missing data files... came back to original... deleted everything again... in both program files and documents and settings..ran ccleaner.. still won't work.. so I give up.. have it set on windows 2000 mode and maybe someone from the forum will see what my widows temp file error message means..
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/11/12 05:31 PM

Thank all of you for trying. It 's not so much loosing Chrome.....but the fact I could not figure it out. I am not too hopeful that the forum will be much help. There is already one post like mine with no answer. Chrome must be inbetted really well into the computer. I can open it using compatibility mode windows 2000. But it still bugs me.
Posted by: Homer6

Re: Google Chrome - 11/12/12 01:04 AM

Winfrey did you, or do you know, if Chrome updated itself recently? Or have you updated something prior to Chrome not working? I read back through this thread and didn't see where you said anything about updates. I let some of my programs check for updates, but ask before installation. Only two do I let check and automatically update.

I find it strange if others are having this problem Google wouldn't try and straighten things out.
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/12/12 07:54 AM

Morning Homer6. No no update...This is what is so weird. I don 't let my computer do auto updates.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Google Chrome - 11/12/12 09:19 AM

When I had Chrome on my WinXP machine, the updates were set for "manual" only, yet auto updates went on regardless. And every time there was one, my computer slowed to a crawl or froze altogether.

That was why I uninstalled Chrome.

But I didn't have any problem uninstalling it. I just went to Control Panel and used the Add/Remove facility.
Then did a Ccleaner run and then rebooted.

I hope you get sorted soon, Winfrey luck
Posted by: oldbroad

Re: Google Chrome - 11/12/12 10:06 AM

Could it have anything to do with Adobe Flash Player that Google Chrome attaches itself to?
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome - 11/12/12 07:17 PM

Well, I could not just not have chrome work... so I did more reading on the forum.... saw multi... issues.. so I found an old version..22 and did the whole thing again... uninstalled... ran ccleaner.. but this time loaded the version 22. And guess what...
I am saving the old version in case they update it and I have more problems....
perhaps when they do 24 I won't have an issue but for now... I am pleased...
Thanks everyone for trying to help me work this out!
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: Google Chrome.... Fixed - 11/12/12 08:48 PM

Glad you got that one sorted out thumbsup
Posted by: Mad

Re: Google Chrome.... Fixed - 11/12/12 09:26 PM

Well done, Winfrey !! That's brilliant news happydance
Posted by: Homer6

Re: Google Chrome.... Fixed - 11/13/12 12:41 AM

That's good to hear Winfrey. Let's hope someone reported the bug in the newer version to Google.
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Google Chrome.... Fixed - 11/13/12 07:04 AM

I did Homer, twice once through the forums and then through the chromme browser page it has a link for you to report a problem. But like I said earlier I saw posts on their pages that they did not offer help with other than :could be your virus or fire wall.....when I Googled the issue I found issues like mine that finally let me believe it was the new version. I kept a download of the version 22 just in case. But I am hoping when they do a new version I am ok.