HP printer not printing using copy

Posted by: flutist

HP printer not printing using copy - 11/18/12 01:56 PM

I gave my HP F380 all in one printer to my SIL. She had been using it to copy documents offline which worked great. When she went back to it the other day, she couldn't get it to print. I had her print out a test page and it did fine. She then put a document on the scanner and pressed copy and it did not print.

Anyone know why this might have happened and can help? I have searched HP but could not come up with anything. Her printer is not connected to the computer, but that should not make any difference.

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: HP printer not printing using copy - 11/18/12 02:59 PM

According to the manual/User's Guide, which you can download from ***here***, it says to press "Start Copy Black" or "Start Copy Color." There's a "Copies" button, but it's not for printing things out.

So I think the problem may be that she is using the wrong button.
Posted by: Donald

Re: HP printer not printing using copy - 11/18/12 03:28 PM

It's possible that the scanner lamp or mech has failed. lift up the scanner door when the unit is coping and see if the scanner lamp is lit up. if the lamp is bad then the unit is junk and you will need a new all in one unit. if the unit will not respond to the copy buttons the unit might be sensing a scanner mech failure or lamp failure. most of these units test the lamp on power up.