Posted by: dianne

windows8 - 11/21/12 10:56 PM

ok needed a new a new computer and now i will pick it up tomorrow. they said they would walk me through it but i have been reading nothing but horror stoies about it and now i am afraid of these windows i hope that it is able to run my games if not they can just install good old windows7, think they could maybe. dianne confused
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: windows8 - 11/21/12 11:40 PM

A downgrade to Windows 7 should be possible, but support depends on the OEM, they all seem to have different options. What PC are you purchasing?
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 12:36 AM

If you can downgrade as Inland suggests, that would be the best option. However, as far as games go, I'm having excellent success with games on Windows 8. I have installed and played games from roughly the late 1990's on up to the present with no issues.

Should you not be able to downgrade, this is probably one of the better guides to Windows 8 out there.

The Definitive Windows 8 Review and User Guide
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Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 03:02 AM

3.40GHz 3rd genaration intel core i7-3770 processor
windows 8
2GB AMD Randeon HD7570 grafic card.
i will have a readthe definative windows8 review and user guide .thank you so much dianne

Posted by: Draclvr

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 10:06 AM

Should you not be able to downgrade, don't be intimidated by Windows 8. Yes, it's different, but it's really not that bad.

People are having quite different experiences and impressions - just ask me and Inland! - but, once you figure out a few tricks, it's OK. If this helps, I have a very close internet friend in California who put Windows 8 on her computer and she just absolutely loves it. The kicker is that she is 88 years old!
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 11:25 AM

You may want to read the following -

Getting with the times: HP will not support Windows 7 on Windows 8 consumer PCs

Like Drac said, a lot of folks have had really good luck with Windows 8. In my case, I took the upgrade approach as opposed to a fresh install, which may have been the source of my problems. I still have the install disc, so I may give it another go someday.

While I had it up and running, I had a chance to play several Metro style Adventure games – they were actually pretty good.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 11:34 AM

Another article about HP's downgrade rights
***HP's Windows 8 downgrade policy revised yet again***

Unless you have Windows 8 Pro, HP won't support a free "downgrade" to Windows 7. Also there may be problems with drivers. You didn't say what model number your Envy is or whether you have the Pro version.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 12:40 PM

I didn't think my fresh install of Window 8 Pro would be that much different that the Release Preview, but it's much more refined and is running like a dream on my 4 year old hardware with mouse and keyboard.
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 12:51 PM

Mine is the RTM versin from MSDN, identical to the retail version.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 01:39 PM

Yup, supposed to be the exact same thing.
Posted by: dianne

Re: windows8 - 11/22/12 11:57 PM

got new computer now all I have to do is set up my e-mail have to phone the internet service its asking for a password but its been years and I do not remember it. it is going to take some getting use. oh boy dianne
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: windows8 - 11/23/12 01:50 AM

Call your ISP - I'm sure they will be glad to help you out. Be sure to holler for help if you need it!
Posted by: dianne

Re: windows8 - 11/25/12 04:36 PM

everything is working great here on my new windows 8 takes some getting use to but I am really beginning to like it just one more question I bought a game from adventuer shop do I download it the same way as I always have I always used the download manager that they have or does windows8 come with one just wondering if it works differently thanks Dianne.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: windows8 - 11/25/12 06:04 PM

You should download the same way you always have before. It will all work the same.

Have you checked out some of the free game apps in the App Store? There are some very good casual games there. I love the All Recipes app and the Epicurious app too - there are so many to choose from. There is one that I might actually pay money for - it's one that tracks star constellations based on your location. It would be awesome to have it on a tablet and take it outside at night.
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Re: windows8 - 11/26/12 04:48 PM

oh will have to check that out sounds like lots of fun thank you dianne