new computer...old games

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new computer...old games - 11/27/12 09:35 PM

Need old computer was run on
XP. my new comp is windows 7 Intel i3-2120 CPU @3.30GHz, 4GB RAM, 64-Bit, and a new AMD
Sapphire HD 7750 Graphics....wanted to replay MYST, but cannot?? it downloaded properly, and
the game intro was fine...however couldn't play
game because the screen is totally black, although the hand cursor does move...any
suggestions???also, decided to replay MYST Exile...the game downloaded fine, but after the
intro by the woman, the game is frozen?? cannot
advance using the cursor???any suggestions?
thx, Armand 7...
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/27/12 09:57 PM

Armand7, check out the Windows 7 and games thread stickied at the top of the Glitches forum for more information about the MYST games and how to get them running on Windows 7.

Where are you downloading the games from?
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/27/12 10:12 PM

The game was designed for Windows 3.1, where did you download the game from?
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/27/12 11:13 PM

He probably said "downloaded" when he meant "installed." As far as I know, Myst III: Exile is not available as a downloadable game. Myst Masterpiece is available at GOG, but I'm thinking he's using an old Myst game CD from the 1990's and Exile discs from its original release in 2001.

When you're playing old games that were originally made for Windows 95, 98, or even the original version of XP, you'll probably need to install them into your user account's Documents folder instead of the default location in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86). During the Install, browse to C:\Users\<username>\Documents and have the installer place the Myst folder in there.

You'll probably also need set Compatibility Mode -- Right-click the game shortcut (or the game exe) --> Properties --> Compatibility tab --> set the dropdown box to Windows 95 or 98 compatibility. Also put checks in the boxes for disable visual themes and disable desktop composition (also on the compatibility tab) and OK the changes. Also, when you start the game, right-click the shortcut and choose to "Run As Administrator."

In the case of the original Myst, it may not work if your version of Myst installed QuickTime 2. I think QuickTime 2 is too early for Windows 7. Myst III doesn't use QuickTime, but may have other issues with Windows 7.

It's going to be hard to get either of these games running outside of a Virtual Machine (Virtual PC or VMware) on a Windows 7 computer, but you're welcome to try the general troubleshooting tweaks I mentioned.
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/28/12 01:13 AM

yes, I meant installed using a disc from the
10 yr anniversary edition (3 games --- myst,
riven, exile). thx,armand7


draclvr: thx much for the glitch post. amazing
all the work you are doing...thx, armand7


jenny100: thx...armand7
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/28/12 02:52 PM

waveHello A7
I highly recommend GOG-They have many old games that you can download for very reasonable prices and play on WIN XP and WIN7 with no aggravating problems and wasting time trying to tweak.
I am currently playing Thief Dark Project on my WIN7 high end laptop which I was not able to play since I gave up my WIN98.
Recently GOG has had some great sales-I downloaded 2 more favorite old games-Atlantis 2&3 for 2.99 each and they both play perfectly on WIN7.
At first I missed having the box,but similar to Big Fish, you have your own "shelf" of games after you buy them to download or re-download any time. I believe you can make DVDs of them also.
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/28/12 03:06 PM

bigmamma1: what do you mean by GOG? thx for
Posted by: Marian

Re: new computer...old games - 11/28/12 03:16 PM

GOG stands for Good Old Games; indeed, this is a website where you can download and purchase older games that have been tweaked to run on newer systems:

GOG (Good Old Games)

Lots of our forum members here have downloaded games from them.

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Re: new computer...old games - 11/28/12 05:22 PM

I swear by GOG too!
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/28/12 06:10 PM

Originally Posted By: Draclvr
I swear by GOG too!

+2 smile
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Re: new computer...old games - 11/29/12 08:46 AM

And me !! tomato