games on computer gone wonkey

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games on computer gone wonkey - 12/10/12 12:50 PM

To start, I got my window xp pc back from the shop Friday the 30th of November. The NVIDIA Geforse 6800 GT 256 MB had gone bad. They replaced it with a NVIDIA Chip Type:GeForse GTX 650.........DACType: IntagratedRAMDAC......Approxamet tot. Memory: 1024.0 MB...They did something with the sound card drivers so it has sound again. I also now have MozillaFirefox on my desktop and they installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Yesterday afternoon I was playing Sims 2 and the screen went wonkey. The lot I was playing all of a suddon just zoomed out and the ability to zoom back in again is gone. If I click on somethings I just get a flash of the discription. It was unplayable so I exited the game. For some reason I right clicked on my desk top and got a horrible burring sound. Happed ever time I right clicked. Turned the computer off and that noise went away. So I decided to play some Hasbrow Risk. The loading of a battle transition was slow and choppy. They saves changed too... what was a 1 now lookes like........1. This morning I was playing a Peter's jigsaw and it went wonkey. The mouse would not let go of the puzzle and whenI hit the s key to save all I got was a flash. I had to hit the eskape key twice to get out of the game. All was fine from Fri. the 30th untill yesterday. The problem only seems to games on the omputer. Thanks in advance, Regi
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Re: games on computer gone wonkey - 12/10/12 07:56 PM

You should call the shop that supposedly fixed it and tell them your symptoms.

There might be a problem with your hard drive. There could also be a problem with inadequate ventilation or a fan being plugged up or the bearing worn out (making the burring sound).
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Re: games on computer gone wonkey - 12/11/12 02:45 PM

I was going to suggest the same thing, Jenny. More than likely they'll want to you bring the computer back in, if they're worth their salt.

If they do have to bring the computer back, take your mouse with you. Have them hook the computer to a monitor and using your mouse, show them what's it is/was doing. That way they can get a first hand look at the problem.