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Hi.I preface what I'm about to say by mentioning I don't know a lot about PCs. I tried to follow the readme instructions for getting Grim Fangango to run in WIN7, but I could not put the setup files from disc 2 on the disc with all the other stuff from disc #1. Then, I found my PC refused to 'save' the Grim_DVD folder once assembled per the instructions . THEN, when it came time to burn it all I found myself faced with overwriting my GRIM disc with the folder stuff (not even sure it was done correctly or would work). That's where I am, Is that what I'm supposed to do, overwrite my original disc??
Can somebody PLEASE HELP?? Thank you!
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Hi, if you want an answer it will help if you make a new thread. (I do not have the answer to your question but someone else might.)
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Grim Fandango in Win7 - 12/12/12 04:57 PM

I created this thread for Bubba Jake's question and moved his post to it. As Vic said, it was out of place in the thread it was originally posted and less apt to get answers.

Bubba Jake,
What readme are you referring to? Do you have the link to it?

I found several how-to's for the game.

These use a launcher:

This one uses Virtual PC

It would help to know which procedure you're trying to follow. Obviously you're not supposed to try to overwrite your game CD, which is impossible.
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Hi. I'm sorry about posting in the wrong place. I really wanted to replay this game, but don't want to mess up the cds (if that's possible). Thank you for responding.
The info I got was from this which I found at Draclver's post here at Gameboomers under 'Windows 7 and Games, The 2nd Thread' I was trying to do up step #4:

Grim Fandango
DVD Setup 0.2


DVD Howto:

Step 0:
Create a new folder for your DVD files.
For now, we are calling it 'Grim_DVD'.

Step 1:
Copy the folders (DIRECTX, GRIMDATA, INSTALL) from CD1 and CD2 together into the Grim_DVD folder.

Step 2:
Copy the setup file and the GRIM.EXE (CD1) into your folder.

Step 3: [OPTIONAL]
If you want the installer to start automatically, create a new text file (Grim_DVD) and name it 'Autorun.ini'.
This file should contain the following lines:


Save it.

Step 4:
Burn it, done!


Finally - install and enjoy! :)


Version history:

# 0.2
- Fixed some usability issues.
- Added German language support.
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That's new since I posted that link... the old one was a simple launcher that you used to install the game. I have to leave, but I sure hope you get this one working as I want to try it out on my Windows 8.
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I think it's still a simple launcher that you use to install the game.

Bubba Jake,
You seem to have found instructions for how to burn the game to a DVD. You don't need to do that to run the game.

But if you do want to copy the game to a DVD, those instructions assume you know to remove any CD's and replace them with a DVD before burning.
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Thank you Jenny. I can't seem to figure out what to do, though. That c&p above it what I found using Draclvr's link, not what was posted. I tried this info, but didn't get to the part about installing sine I don't know exactly what to do. Thank you all for being kind.
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Bubba Jake,
When I go to the link in your post at

there is a link for a Readme, which takes me here

The relevant part is here
Originally Posted By: Grim Fandango Readme
The program does not need to be installed and can be run from anywhere since it reads the registry values in order to find the location of Grim Fandango. Consequentally, Grim Fandango must be installed for the launcher to work correctly.

How to use it:
Usage should be fairly self-explanatory:
  • Click either Play fullscreen or Play windowed to start the game.
  • Click Debug Keys to bring up a window that displays the debug keys and their functions.
    These were all found/documented by Serge (Jimmi Th√łgersen) with minor additions by me. You do not have to close this window to carry on using the launcher, just move it or minimise it, that way you can refer to it if you want to try the debug keys in windowed mode.
  • Click 'Resume last saved game' to enable/disable the option.
    If enabled Grim will automatically load the last saved game when you click one of the play buttons.
  • The Lucasarts readme button displays Lucasarts' CMI readme, while the Launcher readme button displays this readme.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the launcher shows whether the game will be run from cd or hard drive.

Click Options to bring up the options menu.
  • Close launcher on play:
    If enabled, then the launcher closes when one of the play buttons is clicked.
  • Run Grim from hard drive:
    This governs whether the game is run from hard drive or cd. Click the button to switch between the two options.
    If enabled, the launcher will first check that you have the required files on your hard drive, if not, then it prompts you to insert your Grim Fandango cd's and copies the files to hard drive for you (this requires 1.2 GB of disk space).

So you just install Grim Fandango like normal (or maybe install it to your (My) Documents folder instead of C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86), I'm not sure if it matters with the launcher.

After the game is installed, you start it by using the launcher instead of the shortcut the game makes. If you want to run the game from the hard drive instead of using CD's, the launcher will prompt you to insert the CD's to copy any necessary files to the hard drive (sort of a secondary install that completes what the game install started).
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The link in the original post takes you to the instructions BubbaJake linked to, not the launcher it originally did. Should we change the link in the original Windows 7 and Games post or at least mention going to the Readme?
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It looks like the link in the Windows 7 and games thread goes to a version 1.0, while the current version 1.5 is supposed to work with 64-bit Windows now. So yes I think we should change the link to the current version 1.5.
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I had difficulty just getting to the download at that site. I tried this download and while the game started promisingly enough, it immediately crashed when Manny entered his office. I will try it again today and see what I get.

The game did not crash, I just hadn't played it for so long that I forgot I had to use the arrow keys to move Manny! The game is playing great!
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Re: Grim Fandango in Win7 - 12/13/12 05:55 PM

Glad to hear it's working for you now.
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Uh-oh, spoke too soon. Now, there's no sound, no voice or that music I know and love.
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Maybe the solution to the sound problems in the ***Windows 7 and Games*** thread would work for you then.
Grim Fandango In 64-bit it would not install without an installer. Thank you, traveler! Grim Fandando Installer for 64-bit When I tried to play, I had several issues with sound and video. I tried playing in XP SP3 mode and then it played just fine.

So try compatibility mode. I'm not clear on whether the person set the game or the installer to compatibility mode, so you may have to test both ways.

Note that I just now changed the link in that thread to point to the version 1.5 instead of the version 1.0. If you're using the version 1.0, try the 1.5 instead.
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Hi Jenny. Thank you for that information. I keep messing with it and using my cds instead of the hard drive installation (both installed) and when one won't work, the other will! Now, I've gotten passed that hurdle and find myself wondering if the part about the beavers will work at all. I can't find the fire extinguisher in the inventory and things go too fast for me to get all the stuff in and out of his vest (inventory). The keys don't work as they should to pull things out and put them away, and I just haven't been able to find that extinguisher no matter what. So, I will get over my frustration and try the hard drive installation.
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Just to add, I downloaded the installer and it worked great. But if you reloaded a save game the sound did'nt work. So I played with compatibility mode and playing it on windows 95 works. playing on windows7 64bit......