Posted by: hamer

Primordia - 12/13/12 02:53 AM

Is there a way to make this game full screen?? it is so incredibly small that i wont play it ?
Posted by: MaG

Re: Primordia - 12/13/12 09:21 AM


Maybe you can ask Dave here: luck
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Primordia - 12/13/12 09:38 AM

Hamer, try going into your program files for Primordia and double clicking on the winsetup icon there. That'll bring up a check-box page where you can adjust settings for windowed mode and side borders. Be sure that the windowed mode box is unchecked. Hope that helps.

Posted by: hamer

Re: Primordia - 12/13/12 12:14 PM

Dave was really helpful from Wadjet...Thanx tho Rushes....I had to set the Neighbor filter higher