Oblivion Thieves Den

Posted by: dwn_force

Oblivion Thieves Den - 12/16/12 04:51 PM

I am playing Oblivion and I hop back and forth from game to game... I am really bad @ picking locks and just found out about this plug in that that gives you an area to practice, and earn a skeleton key! Well, I understand that the GOTY edition does not include these plugins. And they can not be purchased online. I just bought the expansion pack for knights of the Nine. Can I install right over the game as it stands? I am REALLY far along. and don't want to lose my saves.

Thanks in advance. think
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Oblivion Thieves Den - 12/16/12 06:17 PM

According to this
you should be able to do "Nocturnal's Daedric Quest" with the Game of the Year version, which gets you the skeleton key.

Here's a video tutorial on getting the skeleton key.
Posted by: dwn_force

Re: Oblivion Thieves Den - 12/17/12 07:44 PM

Hey Jenny, thanks for that info! I just purchased the Knights of nine to get the plugins. But in the mean time...

I have gotten a little smarter now. When I get a game that I may not get to for awhile, I install and get all the DLC before it becomes unavailable. But I never thought that the GOTY edition would not include all the plugins!

I hope that the disc will let me install what I want off of it... For now I have a quest to work on. happydance12
Posted by: SharonB

Re: Oblivion Thieves Den - 12/19/12 02:59 AM

Thanks Dawn for bringing up this question. It's good to know about the skeleton key. I have the GOTY version of Oblivion. Am I missing something? Plugins?

I've been dying to get back into Morrowind, but want to wait till I get a faster system that will run the newer mods.

In the meantime you have peaked my interest in this game and I will install it soon (today?).

Thanks! luck

Edit: I wonder if I need mods... think
Posted by: dwn_force

Re: Oblivion Thieves Den - 12/19/12 07:24 PM

Well I have the skeleton key now! Thank you very much Jenny! Sharon, I will let you know how I make out with installing what I need from the Knights of Nine expansion. Thanks again thanks
Posted by: dwn_force

Re: Oblivion Thieves Den - 12/26/12 08:50 PM

Hi, Installed the plugins I needed from the Knights of Nine disc. I don't think that this should have been necessary, and the GOTY edition should have included then with Knights being on the disc. But, there you go(?)

No problems. And they were available immediately in the game.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Oblivion Thieves Den - 12/26/12 10:52 PM

Good to know.
Thanks for the info.