LA Noir

Posted by: Witchen

LA Noir - 12/25/12 11:34 PM

Got my granddaughter LA Noir for Christmas. She was so tickled to get it. It loads and then indicates the mandatory download of a patch. The patch continually takes an error. Tried everything we can think of. No dice. Any ideas?

Thanks whole bunches, Witchen
Posted by: Cathy1

Re: LA Noir - 12/26/12 02:14 AM

Are you playing the PC game or the other versions ?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: LA Noir - 12/26/12 10:17 AM

If using the PC version, have you tried the patch from here?
***L. A. Noir Patch and Manual Links to Updates***

One of the things the patch does is
Improvement of patching system to avoid “Error binary patching file” or other issues while updating

Note that you need Admin rights to run the patch, which means right-clicking it and choosing to "Run as Administrator."

I wonder if this so-called "patch" isn't something similar to what shipped with "Half Life 2," where the disc version didn't include the entire game and you had to download the rest of it online.
Posted by: Witchen

Re: LA Noir - 12/26/12 02:34 PM

Sorry I didn't mention its the PC version, Cathy1.

Thanks also, Jenny100. Will give it a try.

I'm running Vista. Didn't mention that either.

Witchen :)