Adventure Shop - help please

Posted by: menahune

Adventure Shop - help please - 12/29/12 12:56 PM

I bought and downloaded Amber's Blood (a Carol Reed game) from Adventure Shop. All seemed to be going well, although it took a very long time to download; but now I can't find those two files and I don't know where to look for them.

I need the files so I can install the game - can't find any place to get help at Adventure Shop

Can any of you GameBoomers help, please?

Posted by: Marian

Re: Adventure Shop - help please - 12/29/12 01:09 PM

Janice, I've moved you over to Glitches so that someone can help you with this problem here. wave12
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: Adventure Shop - help please - 12/29/12 01:44 PM

If you used your browser... go to the download links and select one of them. You should see a menu that states "save as"... note the location it saves too, that's where you should find your files. Cancel the download at that point.

If you used a downloader, the files may have saved to your desktop. Enable View Desktop Icons to see if the folder is there.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Adventure Shop - help please - 12/29/12 02:54 PM

The files may have gone straight to your

When I download from Adventure Shop, the downloads go to the location I downloaded to the previous time -- which is usually the Downloads folder unless I changed it to the Desktop or somewhere else.
Posted by: menahune

Re: Adventure Shop - help please - 12/30/12 12:01 PM

all found now - and thanks a bunch