lost chronicles of zerzura

Posted by: nonnaone

lost chronicles of zerzura - 12/30/12 02:58 PM

hi, when i click on tthe start icon a graphic comes up and then it goes back to mydesktop. i am running xp and my computer meets the specs. is this game hard to get going?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: lost chronicles of zerzura - 12/30/12 11:43 PM

No idea.
Do you have a disc version or a download version?

If you really do have all the requirements -- especially for the video card and video memory -- you may be having a problem with the DRM. The game may be trying to activate online the first time you play it. If it fails, it will kick you out.

According to the specs I found, the game requires a video card with at least 256MB of discrete video memory.
Posted by: nonnaone

Re: lost chronicles of zerzura - 01/10/13 04:09 PM

sorry it took so long to respond. the game installed fine. i have to turn my anti-virus off because it says something in the game is a virus 9 this is apparently a problem with the game 0 i have the disc version. when the splash screen comes up it then goes back to the desktop and says resolution mismatch. i have tried different settings but it still comes up res. mis. i have the computer hooked up to a tv but i am going to try my monitor and see if it's a hardware problem. if you have any ideas please feel free. thanks.
Posted by: Cathy1

Re: lost chronicles of zerzura - 01/10/13 05:10 PM

I played with 1024 X 768 res. I use XP home.
Try setting to this res on your monitor before starting the game. Good luck.