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Older games - 01/02/13 09:28 PM

I have Azada, Ark of Time, Labrynth, Jewels of the Oracle and Pandora's Box they do not play well om compatiblity mode. Have these games been reproduced for Windows 7? I really like Azada,Labrynth (wont play off of CD either it wont exit), Jewels of the Oracle and Pandora's Box for their puzzles. I have long wanted to play Ark of Time but it too is outdated. Thanks for any help given was not sure where to post this so if in wrong place please put it where it belongs thanks.
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Re: Older games - 01/02/13 09:31 PM

I will move you to glitches where they can offer assistance. None of them have been made for Win 7 as far as I have seen. Pandora's box was remade but that was for XP I believe.

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Re: Older games - 01/02/13 09:42 PM

I know someone who got Pandora's Box running on Vista with a patch, which is available here:

Pandora's Box patch

You could give it a try to see if it helps get the game running on Windows 7.

Ark of Time should run if you use DOSBox. wave12
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Re: Older games - 01/02/13 10:20 PM

Which version of Labyrinth of Time do you have?
The original DOS version or the remake from 2004?

The DOS version should work in DOSBox.

The remake was made for XP, but might work with newer Windows. You can contact the tech support of Wyrmkeep, the company that did the remake, here

The Big Fish version of Azada should work in Windows 7, but the disc version may not.

There was more than one Dreamcatcher version of Jewels of the Oracle. The first version was a Win/Mac version that had cut scenes play between puzzle locations. Because these cut scenes caused the game to mess up on some computers (and on newer versions of Windows than Win98), Dreamcatcher removed them when it created its updated version of Jewels of the Oracle. If you have the older version, the only way to get it to work on Win7 will be inside a Virtual Machine. If you have the newer version, you may still have problems because of the old version of QuickTime used.