Posted by: oldbroad

java - 01/15/13 08:29 PM

A couple of days ago there was a news story stating to uninstall Java (something about hackers/hacking). I did not do that. Now I am getting the update message (Java update available) but don't know if I should or shouldn't do it, or if I should have uninstalled it like the news article said.

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: java - 01/15/13 08:36 PM

If there's an update, it's probably to fix the security hole. If you're nervous about where the update is coming from, check the Java website and download the update manually.

The ***Chicago Tribune*** story says the update isn't good enough and recommends you disable it in your web browser anyway -- at least until Sun comes up with a better update.

To disable Java in IE check ***here***.
Posted by: oldbroad

Re: java - 01/15/13 08:49 PM

Thank you.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: java - 01/15/13 08:54 PM

ZDNet says the same thing - the update isn't sufficient. I have assisted several people in disabling it in their browsers. Don't have it on my Windows 8 computer.
Posted by: Mary

Re: java - 01/18/13 12:15 PM

You said you had to "assist" people in disabling Java.
All I did was go to the Java line under "tools" in IE and clicked "disable". Did I miss doing something else?
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: java - 01/18/13 02:26 PM

No, it's as easy as that. I have a number of people in their 80's that don't feel comfortable doing even that! The exception is one who is 88 and she handles it with aplomb.
Posted by: dianne

Re: java - 01/23/13 06:11 PM

this java update I have this happening to me to I have windows 8 do I need this java I guess that when I bought my new computer here the tech guy must of installed it as I had some of my important stuff saved reason I am asking is Draclvr you say that you don't have java in your windows8. dianne
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: java - 01/23/13 06:16 PM

Java is not a function of your operating system, but of your browsers. I do not have Java in my Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers. If you go to a website that requires Java, you will be prompted to download it.
Posted by: dianne

Re: java - 01/23/13 10:22 PM

so then I could use a browsers like fierfox I don't know if I have java in my internet exploer or not how can I find out thanks dianne
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: java - 01/23/13 11:23 PM

Check in your add-ons. That's should be in Tools.