Problem with" A New Beginning"

Posted by: bigmamma1

Problem with" A New Beginning" - 01/16/13 05:10 PM

Does anyone have a save from after the place where Fay exchanges the power plant video with the conference video when she is talking to Devlin at the Time Capsule?(almost half way thru the game)
The inventory doesn't come up when I Right click, so I can't get the tape.
Has anyone else had this prob.? I have searched but can't find an answer. Hope someone can help-I really like this game!
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Problem with" A New Beginning" - 01/16/13 10:34 PM

I'm sorry I haven't played it yet and don't see a save for this game at or

You might try asking in the Hints forum, which usually handles saves.

Have you checked a walkthrough to see if you've done everything you need to?
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Problem with" A New Beginning" - 01/17/13 02:00 PM

Thanks for the suggestion Jenny-I have posted on Hints.
I have confirmed I've done everything up to having to get the tape from inventory-in the last screen it and a # of other things came up normally. (inventory can always be accessed by right click.)