Problem installing game

Posted by: exalthim2

Problem installing game - 01/20/13 11:22 PM

I'm trying to install sherlock Holmes vs Arsene Lupin and I get a message to install TAGES. When i say yes and I get a message saying i have insufficient prileges and need to be an adminstrator when installing for the first time. Then i get error code 1075. i am the adminsitrator for this computer which is only 6 months old. Any suggestions on hos I can install this game?

Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Problem installing game - 01/20/13 11:52 PM

Is this computer Windows 7? If so, you need to install updated Tages drivers.

However, I'm finding I cannot access the Tages website, so I'm not sure what's up there.
Posted by: Starcom

Re: Problem installing game - 01/21/13 12:41 AM

The best way to get around this Tages pain in the ____ is to download and install the NO CD fix.

When looking for it, it might be under the name:

Sherlock Holmes Nemesis

It worked like a charm for me when I had my Windows 7.

Good luck.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Problem installing game - 01/21/13 01:36 AM

If you want to install the TAGES drivers, the Web Archive seems to have the downloads archived.
Check ***here*** for the archive of the download page or one of these links for the drivers:

***TAGES for 32-bit Windows***

***TAGES for 64-bit Windows***

Usually, the Tag├Ęs drivers are installed during the installation of the protected exe, or at the first run.

Alternatively, the drivers can be installed/un-installed through our software, TagesSetup; it acts as a toggle, installing the drivers if they were not installed, and un-installing them if they were installed.