password for GB

Posted by: judith

password for GB - 01/29/13 12:49 PM

for some reason I was logged out of all my favorite sites (don't know why), I always stay logged in. I forgot my password for GB & got a temporary one. Can I just keep this new password, my original one was on a piece of paper that must have ended up in the garbage my mistake a long time ago. This time I wrote it down in my little booklet with other passwords. Thanks
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: password for GB - 01/29/13 12:55 PM

Did you run CCleaner by any chance?
Posted by: MaG

Re: password for GB - 01/29/13 12:59 PM

Sorry - late last night; we updated the forum program as well as 4 server programs.

I didn't know that it affected the log ins until I myself needed to log in this AM.
Posted by: judith

Re: password for GB - 01/29/13 01:05 PM

Thanks MaG; I feel a lot better. As far as my other sites, my machine froze up good yesterday & I had to hard boot; because of that I was logged out of all my other sites. Judy ---- Hi Draclvr; didn't mean to ignore you, I don't use ccleaner, I use advanced system care instead.