my windos 8

Posted by: dianne

my windos 8 - 02/04/13 01:02 AM

well last night I had one big computer crash have no idea what caused it I have Nortons anti virus installed it to was gone. and me I had no idea at all what to do so I had backed up all my files awhile ago and took my chances I was up till 2am but i got it all up and running again. so this week some time iam taking it down to staples and they can check it all out have a good repair plan on it anyway. Dianne. cry think
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: my windos 8 - 02/04/13 01:14 AM

Sounds like that is the best thing to do. Let us know what they find out.
Posted by: dianne

Re: my windos 8 - 02/08/13 05:56 PM

windows 8 crash took it down to computer shop and I was told it came from a game that I had downloaded bad exe file funny thing is I had no warning about it at all usually nortons will come up and tell me. anyway wont be downloading another game ever again. it is disk versions of games for me from now on.even if I have to search and search for disk version dianne
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: my windos 8 - 02/08/13 05:58 PM

Were they able to tell you which game you downloaded that was responsible and if so, do you remember where you downloaded it from? Downloaded games from GOG and Big Fish are very safe.
Posted by: dianne

Re: my windos 8 - 02/08/13 10:46 PM

it was from I think something like free ride games I have bought a few games from GOG games haven't had a problem with them at all and Big Fish games I would just love to become a member but I don't know how their membership works or if one could pay them for a years membership all at once or not. thanks dianne
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: my windos 8 - 02/08/13 10:51 PM

Oh, my. I just looked up Free Ride Games and all the website links have red flags from my WOT (Web of Trust). No wonder your computer got hosed! The WOT comments say it has malware, viruses and all kinds of other nasties. If you want to make sure any search results are safe, WOT is a free download and will show you with red symbols to NOT click on the link! I've been using it for years - you can get it here.

WOT, Web of Trust

If you become a member at Big Fish Games, your credit card will be debited $6.99 a month. You will build up credits each month to purchase a game.

Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: my windos 8 - 02/09/13 04:54 AM

Thanks for that website Dradvr.
Posted by: dianne

Re: my windos 8 - 02/10/13 07:45 PM

I for sure never do that again anyway sure learnt one big lesson their dianne