Upgrading graphics chip

Posted by: lynthorpe

Upgrading graphics chip - 02/07/13 05:02 AM

Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I recently tries downloading a demo of Hoodwink but it appears my laptop does not have a good enough graphics chip...Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family. I went to a site called "Canyourunit" and got redirected to "Driveragent" which seemed to claim that I could upgrade software to improve the performance. I am loathe to spend £32ish and find it doesn't work as I suspect that software is not the answer. Can anyone tell me if this is possible or do I basically have to buy a new and better laptop. Mine is about 5 yrs old now. Please bear in mind I'm not very techie...I just like playing games! help
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Upgrading graphics chip - 02/07/13 08:13 AM

You can "improve" the software all you want, but if your hardware is inadequate it won't make any difference. (Of course I'm sure that company would be happy to sell you their product whether it works for your purposes or not)

Since most laptops don't let you upgrade the video card (and the few high end ones that do already have a better card than this game needs), you'll probably have to get a new computer for it. The demo gives a good idea of whether the game will work on your system or not.

According to the system requirements listed here
you need an Nvidia or ATI Radeon capable of Shader 3.0 or better for this game. They don't mention Intel graphics.
Posted by: lynthorpe

Re: Upgrading graphics chip - 02/08/13 03:55 AM

Thanx Jenny100, that is what I expected. I had a similar problem with Ghost Pirates of Voojoo Island. At the time my son was still living at home and his laptop was much better than mine so I persuaded him to let me play it on his. Looks like I'll have to wait until I can get a new computer to play this game. Ah well. cry