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Posted by: lexxy

Starforce Code - 02/14/13 06:06 PM

I recently bought the game Broken Dragon The Sleeping Dragon for my elderly neighbor at The Trading Zone. I don't own the game bacuse of the key board controls but I told him I would install it and show him how to use it. The botton line is that the trader failed to include the card with the code on it so we are at a stand still. I emailed the trader and he has not as yet responded. Is there any way we can find that code upon the web or perhaps a Boomer here has the game and could supply him with the code. I feel so badly that I encouraged him to trade with this person.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Starforce Code - 02/14/13 08:23 PM

The only code I could find was
which I found at ***Dreamcatcher pages on the Internet archive***.

Dreamcatcher/TAC used to have a whole bunch of codes for this game on their website, but unfortunately I can only get the older support page with the one code to display. The newer support pages that would have contained the other codes aren't working.

I suggest you buy the game at GOG where it's only $5.99 and free of the infernal StarForce.
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Re: Starforce Code - 02/14/13 09:48 PM

Thanks so much for the code I will try it. My elderly friend does not care for the internet,envasion of his private world, says he, so I will keep my fingeres crossed that it works. BTW have you played the game? When it came out I opted not to buy it because I really don't like the key board controls. Let's hope this makes an old man happy.
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Re: Starforce Code - 02/14/13 11:01 PM

Yes I played BS3 on Windows 98 when it first came out and the StarForce messed up my CD drive. I forget if I traded, sold, or gave it away. I had no intention of ever playing the game again and risking another drive. My opinion of the game is pretty low because of the terrible controls (and I usually don't mind keyboard control) and the clumsy timed sequences.

You could always download the game from GOG yourself and burn it to DVD for your friend if he doesn't want to download anything. If he has Vista or Windows 7, StarForce won't work.
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Re: Starforce Code - 02/15/13 08:35 AM

I don't know why I never thought of burning the game to a cd. I think I will go to GOG and purchase it for him and attempt to burn it to a cd. I did not know that Starforce could work such horror on a computer. If BS3 has the same starforce protection on it I will warn my friend to forget it. I will also advise him to give the trader a chance to make good on his trade before rating him. I think maybe he forgot to enclose the code card but even if that is the case the trade was incomplete as far as I am concerned.
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Re: Starforce Code - 02/15/13 05:12 PM

Jenny100 & Winfrey,

You two have made an old man happy. The code you gave worked and he is a happy camper once more. I did warn him about any future games containing a starforce protection code should be avoided.
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Re: Starforce Code - 02/15/13 05:18 PM

I'm guessing he has XP.
I hope he likes the game.