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Malwarebytes - 02/19/13 10:03 AM

As per my other problem with the error message I downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes and used it but you can only use it once, does anyone think it is worth paying for this and having it running in tandem with their Virus Guard etc. think
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Re: Malwarebytes - 02/19/13 10:09 AM

You can use it as many times as you want. Are you sure youve got the right one?

No you don't want to run two virus checkers at the same time (for real-time checking anyway)
Posted by: Geo

Re: Malwarebytes - 02/19/13 10:13 AM

In my opinion the free version of malwarebytes is one of the best free software programs out there. The free version does not have all of the features of the paid version but it does not have a use limit.Are you sure you went to the Malwarebytes website to download it? There should be no restrictions on useage.
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Re: Malwarebytes - 02/19/13 10:34 AM

You can use Malwarebytes Free as long and as often as you want. The Pro version runs in real time and stops intruders while the free version is just run as a scan to get rid of something that may already be on your computer. The Malwarebytes download now includes a 2 week trial of the Pro version. After that time, it asks if you want to purchase the Pro version. If you say, no, then Malwarebytes goes back to being the free version that does NOT run in real time. The is the only place you should be downloading it from...
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Re: Malwarebytes - 02/19/13 12:04 PM

Looks like I went to the wrong site, but certainly I did get the right version as the logo is the same, so thanks for all your help I won't buy the pro version but just use the free one if I am worried. oops
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Re: Malwarebytes - 02/19/13 12:18 PM

monbron, just because the logo is the same doesn't mean you got the right one. The fake ones can mimic the logos to perfection. To be sure you have the right one, I would uninstall whatever you have and then redownload and install from the correct place. The fact that you said you can only use it once leads me to think it might not be the right one because you NEVER get any message to that effect in Malwarebytes.
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Re: Malwarebytes - 02/20/13 06:20 AM

Yes I thought that after I posted - idiot that I am - I have uninstalled and bookmarked your site and will reinstall later. Thank you!! praise
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Re: Malwarebytes - 02/20/13 02:01 PM

Not an idiot an all, monbron. These things can be very, very clever.