cognition 2

Posted by: mbday630

cognition 2 - 02/25/13 06:41 PM

I just won this free game, (thank you!) and I downloaded it, but, when I go to try and open it or unzip it, I do either the 'open' or unzip with 7-zip and it doesn't do anything. what should I do? thanks in advance!
Posted by: Rushes

Re: cognition 2 - 02/25/13 06:42 PM

If this is the same problem as several others have had, this is what Jenny advised on an older thread:

Try right-clicking the CognitionEpisode2Setup.exe file and choosing Properties. On the General tab near the top, it should say CognitionEpisode2Setup.exe

If it only says CognitionEpisode2Setup without the .exe on the end, change it so it says CognitionEpisode2Setup.exe
It will ask if you really want to change the name and give some warning about it not working, but go ahead and change the name. Then try running it.

Posted by: mbday630

Re: cognition 2 - 02/25/13 06:54 PM

I can't even find the cognitionepisodesetup file anywhere. I am thinking because it isn't unzipped yet? should i re-download it using my free download manager which seems to put things in a certain folder?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: cognition 2 - 02/25/13 07:34 PM

If you download a zip file and it won't open, chances are your download was aborted and you don't have the full file. Try downloading it again.

If you use a download manager, make sure the site you're downloading from allows download managers.
Posted by: mbday630

Re: cognition 2 - 02/25/13 07:51 PM

okay, now I tried to re-download the game, my second time, and i figured I would use the download manager. I got this message: The maximum number of uses of the discount have been exceeded

so, unless I can get the one that is on my desktop to work, I am screwed. I have tried everything to get it to open. it just doesn't even open so that I can change the exe file. any thoughts?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: cognition 2 - 02/25/13 09:09 PM

I guess free games only give one download.
How large is the file? If you can see it's not as large as it should be, there's no point in messing with it anymore.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: cognition 2 - 02/25/13 10:00 PM

Maybe since you won the game in a giveaway here at Gameboomers, Phoenix Studios can help you out. Let them know the first download didn't work.
Posted by: Chief

Re: cognition 2 - 02/25/13 10:47 PM

mbday, as Draclvr just said, contact support using the link that you find in the text I sent you on how to install the code.

Good luck.

Chief wave
Posted by: mbday630

Re: cognition 2 - 02/26/13 08:02 AM

duh, I needed to read your instructions better, sorry. I had deleted the setup part and put in exe, but, after reading to leave the word setup in and putting in exe at the end, I believe it is working now. at least it is installing, even as we speak! thank you so much. Next time I will read the directions better!