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Posted by: Terri824

Signed out - 02/26/13 01:56 PM

Hi. I'm wondering if I can stay signed/logged in on GameBoomers on two computers. On my new computer I seem to have a problem staying logged in.
I can log in but as soon as I click on forum I'm signed out. It's done this since I first tried to sign in on the new pc.
Posted by: kjos

Re: Signed out - 02/26/13 02:18 PM

I have two computers and no trouble staying logged in on both of them. Did you check on the keep logged in box.
Posted by: Terri824

Re: Signed out - 02/26/13 04:36 PM

Hi Richard. Yes I did check the box to keep me logged in. I just tried to do so again to answer your post.I signed in and as soon as I clicked on the glitches forum it said I was not logged in.
Guess I'm not going to worry with it.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Signed out - 02/26/13 06:39 PM

You can always try a different web browser.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Signed out - 02/26/13 10:07 PM

I think MaG recommended to someone else that they clear the cache or history in the browser too.