Posted by: granny

Zork - 03/21/13 04:12 PM

I have an enhanced version pack of Grand Inquisitor and Nemesis, Windows 98 DVD-ROM.

I have been reading 6 or 7 of the lists all you wonderful folks have made RE- older games that work on Win.7, and never are any ZORK games listed. What's my luck of being able to play them???????
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Zork - 03/21/13 05:51 PM

All the references for playing Zork on modern operating systems indicate you will need DosBox or ScummVM or some other emulator.

I found this website...

The Zork Library
Posted by: traveler

Re: Zork - 03/21/13 06:10 PM

That's interesting, Drac. They list the GOG version of Zork Grand Inquisitor as needing something called Zengine but I have that version and I didn't need anything else to play ZGI. Do you know anything about this? Does it make playing smoother? Update the graphics to this century? grin

Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Zork - 03/21/13 06:22 PM

Yeah, I saw that for the GOG version of ZGI. I have never even heard of it!
Posted by: granny

Re: Zork - 03/21/13 06:58 PM

I went to the Zork Library, and AAAAGGGHH.I think I should just give it all up and hire someone to load a couple dozen (maybe more) games. Ever since recovering from my heart attack last fall my brain gets mushey-er and mushey-er. I can't even remember my Son and my sister's phone numbers. I have a pad to fill the times I take all my medics and little notes pasted all over the house reminding me of the importent things.

If it wasn't for the 'puter and Gameboomers, and a visit to the Casino now and then,I'd be totally bonkers with just the TV to watch.