Internet Explorer 10

Posted by: Mary

Internet Explorer 10 - 03/22/13 11:09 AM

I just downloaded and installed this new version of IE yesterday; that part went well.

This morning, after my computer booted up, I got this message:
"IE-Search Provider Default
A program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider setting for IE.
IE has reset this setting to your original search provider, Bing.
IE will now open Search Settings where you can change this setting or install more search providers."
This took me to "View and manage your IE add-ons."

I don't know what all this means to me, nor if I should be doing anything in particular.
Posted by: Homer6

Re: Internet Explorer 10 - 03/22/13 12:06 PM

Mary it looks like something reset IE 10 default search choice, Bing, back to Bing.

If you'd like to set your search to something other than Bing, go to the upper right hand corner in IE 10, click on the icon that looks like a gear, go down to, and click on, Manage Add-Ons. On the left hand side of that window you'll see Search Provider. Left click on that opens another window showing which search providers are available. The ones IE 10 uses as default will show enabled, others not used show disabled. If there's one there you'd like to set as default, left click on it to highlight it, then go to the bottom of that window and look on the left to enable a provider, or on the right to set as default. If the one you'd like to use is disabled, re-enabled it then go to the right and check set as default.
Posted by: Mary

Re: Internet Explorer 10 - 03/22/13 02:25 PM

When I look to see what other search providers are available, the only one listed is Bing. Should there be others? I usually go to Google to do all my searching---I use an icon that I've got on my lower toolbar to access it.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Internet Explorer 10 - 03/22/13 03:32 PM

I don't know what your home page is, but you can always set it to Google search. I use iGoogle which I can customize.
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: Internet Explorer 10 - 03/22/13 03:43 PM

If you're just looking to add Google as a search provider, the following link explains how -

Add Google as Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer 9

It works just as well for IE 10.
Posted by: Mary

Re: Internet Explorer 10 - 03/22/13 04:17 PM

Thanks, Inland. I set up Google as my default search provider.