Sherlock Holmes Testament

Posted by: scrapper

Sherlock Holmes Testament - 03/22/13 11:57 AM

I'm hearing of several issues and problems with the new Sherlock Holmes Testament. Any comments?
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Sherlock Holmes Testament - 03/22/13 12:02 PM

The only problems I know of are if your computer doesn't meet the system requirements. And if you do meet the requirements but aren't much higher than the minimum, you will probably need to turn down most (if not all) of the graphics enhancements in the game menu in order for the game to play correctly.

This Sherlock game is more demanding than the earlier ones.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Sherlock Holmes Testament - 03/22/13 01:42 PM

Some gamers have had frustrations with the tutorial at the beginning. If that's a concern, we can help you past that at Hints with no worries. smile Otherwise the game plays smoothly with no bugs as long as your graphics card is up to snuff, as Jenny says.
Posted by: scrapper

Re: Sherlock Holmes Testament - 03/22/13 04:12 PM

Thanks Rush-- a step back-- you recently helped me out with LHD serpent moon with a bypass to the crows game. I have the antedote for the bite but cannot get the character to drink it. Therefore I can't get the keys to the car to work as he needs "directions to the next stop". Is this a result of not "playing the game" bypass, or have I missed something? Thanks in advance.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Sherlock Holmes Testament - 03/23/13 11:42 AM

Rushes may not see your post here since she is a Hints moderator and may be busy over in the Hints forum -- especially since the title of this thread refers to Sherlock Testament and not Serpent Moon. You might want to ask your question over in your original thread in Hints, which I believe is this one --> ***Serpent Moon question***.

The original posting by Rushes (the one that MaG quoted from in your thread) is ***here***.

My guess is that there is simply something you missed, which has nothing to do with the bypass. But the Hints mods will be better able to help you with what you might have missed than I can.
Posted by: scrapper

Re: Sherlock Holmes Testament - 03/23/13 04:31 PM

Jenny-- My error for using the wrong thread.Thanks for getting back to me. After hours of trying to beat he ravens in the game, I finally gave up and used the "bypass". I am convinced at this point that the issue is probably with me and am going back quite far in the game and see if that works. I really appreciate suggestion.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Sherlock Holmes Testament - 03/23/13 04:36 PM

Good luck.
There's a reason why that "bypass" is there, so don't feel bad about using it.
Using it should not effect the rest of the game.

If you need any more help with Serpent Moon, be sure to ask in a "Serpent Moon" thread. The person best able to help you might be another Gameboomers member who had the same problem you did -- and they may not be reading a Sherlock Testament thread if they haven't played the game yet.