Question about computer specs.

Posted by: oldman

Question about computer specs. - 03/22/13 09:46 PM

Hi all,

Didn't know how to subject this but will just ask the question anyhow. crazy

I just had to replace my computer and went to Best Buy to buy the top of the line one that they had available. The salesman assured me that the HP I bought was a good game machine and was comparable to Intel.

Since I don't really know what any of the numbers mean but recognize the Intel numbers and Nvidia numbers I was hoping for some input into how my stuff compares.

I now have a HP machine with a AMD FX(tm)-6200 Six-Core Processor and my graphics card is a AMD Radeon HD 7570.

I was just wondering what intel and Nvidia products they are comparable to. I have always used Intel processors and Nvidia Graphics cards so am not familiar with the SMD and Radeon terminology.

Hope this wasn't too confusing a question.
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Re: Question about computer specs. - 03/22/13 10:58 PM

I've always found these charts useful. They compare the two brands by levels and are updated regularly.

Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart

Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart

Your graphics card isn't listed, but according to the article cited below, the 7570 is a special mid-range OEM GPU. It has the same specs as an HD 6570.

AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series OEM Models Revealed

Your processor looks great! High-end on the chart. Have fun gaming!
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Re: Question about computer specs. - 03/22/13 11:12 PM

lanlynk, thanks for those links. I am familiar with the Nvidia and Intel offerings, but not so much with the AMD stuff, so this is very helpful.
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Re: Question about computer specs. - 03/23/13 07:40 PM

Thanks for the info. It appears that my hardware is sufficient for my needs.

If and when the time comes for me to upgrade my Graphics Card I will probably return to my comfort zone though which is the Nvidia cards.
Posted by: lanlynk

Re: Question about computer specs. - 03/23/13 10:49 PM

My PC is fairly new (2 years?), and the specs seem to be about on par with yours. An HP also. It's been a nice upgrade from what I had before. As you say, sufficient for me. Every game I've played on it has worked fine. Windows 7.

Before I bought the new computer, I had upgraded the graphics card in my old one, which tided me over for a couple of more years. That's when I found those charts.