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Posted by: Chief

Microsoft Tablet - 03/30/13 03:31 PM

I'm looking to replace my laptop.

Can THIS MODEL be a good start for discussion?

I would not mind going WIN 8

I will only play Casual games on it and the usual daily stuff like e-mail, Word, bring on a trip, etc.

Thanks for your help. thumbsup

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Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Microsoft Tablet - 03/30/13 03:42 PM

That looks like it has a Tablet OS (Windows RT) instead of Windows 8.

especially this part

There are probably laptops of a similar size that would work for you, but I'm not familiar with current laptops.

Do you want one with a touch screen?
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Re: Microsoft Tablet - 03/30/13 06:50 PM

Jenny, thanks for the links.

Touch screen? why not.

I know one thing: I want to have a keyboard.

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Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Microsoft Tablet - 03/30/13 07:19 PM

You might scan through some of the threads in the ***What Notebook Should I Buy?*** forum over at Notebook Review. Maybe a laptop that's recommended over there will be close to what you want.

If you want to buy online, be sure to check out the ***Notebook Review Coupon page***.

I'm not really up on the best new model laptops.
Maybe Inland or Sir Dave or someone else would have some personal experience.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Microsoft Tablet - 03/30/13 07:51 PM

Jenny has some very good suggestions. The tablet you first point to is one with Windows RT. It does not support legacy applications as it does not have a desktop app like the full Windows 8 has. If you want a Surface, Windows released the Surface tablet with the full Windows 8 on it a couple of months ago.

Windows Surface Pro

As you can see, it's pretty pricey.

If you are interested in the full Windows 8 tablets that can also be used with a keyboard, you can go to a website like Newegg and sort them out and do some reading, especially what the users think of them. Of course, then you'll have to find out what is available in your part of the world!

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Re: Microsoft Tablet - 03/30/13 08:23 PM

Thanks Jenny and Draclvr, those links are what I needed. chocobunny

On with the reading now.

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