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Draclvr .... - 04/08/13 10:04 PM

Hi Draclvr smile

Following on from my post re Cold Case Summer saved games on the Hints & Help Board ....

As you install all your games to D Drive, as I do, how do you get the saves to stay on D Drive too think

I can't see a way to do that.

[But then you know me and techie stuff !! lol]


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Re: Draclvr .... - 04/08/13 10:57 PM

I have a feeling it all depends on how the game is set up to save games. On all the ones I've installed on my D drive, all of them put the saved games in the game folder that was created on the D drive. I'd have to boot up my Window 7 to check, but I have dozens of games installed there.

You must have gotten one that put the saved games in the User profile. They also go in some other odd places like a couple of hidden folders on the C drive. I haven't had any of those though.
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Re: Draclvr .... - 04/08/13 11:37 PM

Hi smile

Yes, I've found several saves lurking in hidden folders on C Drive so I regularly check for them there shocked

Since getting Win7 I've installed and played quite a few games in D Drive but with only ONE of them (Secret Files 3) did the saves actually stay in the game folder itself frown

So why don't mine if yours do ?? laugh


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Re: Draclvr .... - 04/09/13 12:33 AM

Good question! I'll boot up my Windows 7 tomorrow and do some looking around.
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Re: Draclvr .... - 04/09/13 01:18 AM

Thanks very much, Draclvr !! yes
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Re: Draclvr .... - 04/09/13 03:14 PM

Well, I found that only one game had put saved games on the C drive - that was Amnesia The Dark Descent which was a download from Steam. All my other games - which I installed to the D drive during installation - have saved games in the game folder. As usual, there were a couple of casual games which had saved games to the hidden file App Data/Roaming, but I check there all the time. I think that's only the second time I've found anything there - they were two of the Rose Briar HOGS from Big Fish.

So, I guess it probably depends on the game. One of the prices to pay for a speedy solid state drive is an extra drive to search!
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Re: Draclvr .... - 04/09/13 11:12 PM

Hi - And thanks for looking on your Win7 smile

Every one of my BigFish games, although installed to D, has the save games In C.

I suppose I'll just have to live with things as they are, then !! wink

Thanks again.


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