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Dracula - 04/14/13 11:58 PM

I am replaying an old game Last Sanctuary...Is there a way to make it full screen as opposed to playing it in a little square...I have tried set
ting the compatibility to run 640x480 but no go...This maybe the worng forum for this ?
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Re: Dracula - 04/15/13 01:36 AM

Hi hamer, I've moved you over to Glitches so that the techies can advise you about this. wave
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Re: Dracula - 04/15/13 09:50 AM

What operating system is your computer?
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Re: Dracula - 04/15/13 09:52 AM

If you're using Windows 7, have you tried installing the way Draclvr described in the ***Windows 7 and Games*** thread?
Dracula The Last Sanctuary On my 64-bit Win 7 I got an error about having the wrong version of windows for the game. So I went to the CD and installed from there. It wanted to install in Program Files, but I told it to install to Program Files (x86). I did not install the old version of DirectX. No more errors and the game played just fine.

Is there a way to make it full screen as opposed to playing it in a little square

For whatever reason it isn't changing your resolution to be what the wants to use. DirectX is supposed to take care of that, but sometimes it doesn't. So you might try changing your desktop resolution to 640x480 before playing the game. Check ***here*** for instructions. It's possible that your monitor won't go that low (not even listed under "list all modes") and you might have to play in 800x600 instead.

By the way, which version of Dracula Last Sanctuary are you using? A CD version or a GOG version or something else? If it's a GOG version, you could try Alt-Enter (though that doesn't work for all games).