Posted by: 3dobermans

malwarebytes - 04/24/13 04:13 PM

Trying to update malwarebytes but keep getting server not found. Anyone else having this problem that uses this anti-malware program?

Posted by: Rushes

Re: malwarebytes - 04/24/13 04:29 PM

It's working fine for me -- did a manual update just now. think
Posted by: traveler

Re: malwarebytes - 04/24/13 04:39 PM

I'm not saying this is it, 3dobermans, but Avast, my antivirus program, has been pestering me Very Annoyingly for the last week to buy another year's subscription, popping up in the middle of a game and tossing it to the task bar. They pestered me so badly I had already decided to tell them to take a hike. I was about to when I got a little note from Malwarebytes about updating. I couldn't. I couldn't do a thing with it and 'the server could not be found, please report the error' but there was no error number to report.

Okay, I uninstalled Avast early. Not only was I able to get Malwarebytes updated but my email program started working again and I'd been trying all day to figure out why no emails were coming in and I was getting an error report about Live Mail.

As far as I'm concerned that was not a coincidence. I downloaded MS Security Essentials and that is darn well that. short, could it be your antivirus program stopping the update?

Posted by: 3dobermans

Re: malwarebytes - 04/24/13 07:09 PM

I use Avast also, so tried disabling it temporarily but still got, "server not found".
I'm using Firefox, would that make a difference?

Update: I tried IE but that didn't work. Will try uninstall and reinstall from Cnet.
Posted by: traveler

Re: malwarebytes - 04/24/13 07:36 PM

Good luck, 3dobermans. I don't think the browser you use has anything to do with it.

If the uninstall/reinstall doesn't do anything, go to Avast Tech Support. It's somewhere in the program. See if they can't help you.

Posted by: Homer6

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 01:03 AM

Both Malware and Avast updated today without any problems, as they've been doing. I've never seen any message about not being able to find the Malware server.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 08:32 AM

I haven't either, but then I don't use Avast - I use Windows Security Essentials.
Posted by: 3dobermans

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 01:17 PM

Ran the old malwarebytes and found a worm ( and think it's now gone. Then ran Avast and it found nothing.
This morning uninstalled/reinstalled malwarebytes per cnet and still get server not found when trying to update. Have tried several times to just access but nothing.
Would it be better to go with a different anti-malware program?
Posted by: Rushes

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 01:23 PM

You could try SuperAntiSpyware. It's as good as (some say better than) Malwarebytes. It comes in both free and paid versions. I have it as a free version and run it alongside my Malwarebytes.

Posted by: traveler

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 01:31 PM

Do you run anything else, Rushes? Malwarebytes isn't an antivirus program. I believe both are intended as a supplement to an antivirus program rather than a replacement for one.

I should make it clear if I haven't already that I do not think any of my problems with Malwarebytes or my email program stemmed from Malwarebytes. It's a good program and I've been very satisfied with it.

IMO, you'd do better to change your AV, 3dobermans.

Posted by: BobH

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 02:06 PM

I haven't run Malwarebytes in a while and googled it to go download and run and found this...

Faulty Malwarebytes Update Disables Thousands of PCs

Looks to me like this might be the issue.

BTW, I also use MS Security Essentials and I'm very happy with it.

Update: Oops, I didn't read the problem description closely enough. I guess this was a different problem with Malwarebytes.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 05:31 PM

Gil: Yes, I run Microsoft Security Essentials as my anti-virus.
Posted by: 3dobermans

Re: malwarebytes - 04/25/13 10:38 PM

Thanks for the link Rushes; downloaded and ran it. Is it mainly for adware cookies?

Bob, it does sound like that could be why I can't update malwarebytes. They stated they hoped to have it taken care of by the end of the week.
Will keep checking to see if I can update.

Thanks much for all the suggestions/help.
Posted by: misslilo

Re: malwarebytes - 04/26/13 05:05 AM

I ran Malwarebytes Update no more than 10 hours ago and it went just fine smile
Updated the program itself and the database....

Then ran a ful complete scan and laptop runs fine still razz
Posted by: Rushes

Re: malwarebytes - 04/26/13 07:10 AM

Originally Posted By: 3dobermans
Is it mainly for adware cookies?

No, it catches the nasties as well, the same as Malwarebytes.

I have Malwarebytes as my main realtime program, and run the free version of SuperAntiSpyware every fortnight or so. Reason being, one program will occasionally pick up on something that the other program will not. Nothing's infallible, after all. smile
Posted by: Geo

Re: malwarebytes - 04/26/13 08:43 AM

How do you set malwarebytes to be a realtime program?.I cant find that option in settings. I am using the free version.
Posted by: Upsydaisy

Re: malwarebytes - 04/26/13 08:57 AM

Geo- I think you have to buy the full version - a one time fee of around $25.
It updates automatically every day. You can have a trial version for 14 days before buying.
Worth every penny. wave
Posted by: Rushes

Re: malwarebytes - 04/26/13 09:06 AM

Yes, you have to have the paid version for realtime protection.
Posted by: Homer6

Re: malwarebytes - 04/26/13 09:48 AM

This program is so good it even quarantined a Trojan Ransom that tried to get on-board. It's real good at telling you, and stopping you, if you're about to get onto a malicious site. And, it does it all while sitting quietly in the background. It's like the buzzard sitting up in a tree waiting for its next meal.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: malwarebytes - 04/26/13 01:29 PM

Geo, you can continue using the free version for as long as you want, but as the others said, you have to pay for the Pro version which runs in real time. If you watch, they often have it on sale for $15. I always grab a couple of copies when they do as it is so good at stuff like Homer6 mentions. I said this in another thread, but it stopped something similar on my 89 year-old mother's computer. I live 600 miles away, so this really saved me!