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Ripper - 06/13/13 12:39 AM

I'm not really sure where to post this problem, so please feel free to move it to the correct topic. That said, I had tried to play this game years ago and could not get very far without it crashing so I sold it. I recently purchased it and it looks very similar like the game I sold....meaning packaging. However, when I play this "new" game that I bought, the language is censored. I don't remember that from before. Is there a way to turn off the censoring? I also don't know if anything else will be censored.


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Re: Ripper - 06/13/13 10:18 AM

If you didn't see anything in the options panel to turn off the censoring, I would say it's not possible. Perhaps someone else that has the game can tell you if they have encountered the same issue.

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Re: Ripper - 06/13/13 03:48 PM


I assumed I had the uncensored version because nothing was bleeped. But if the only difference is the amount of gore, I'm not so sure.
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Eh, it looks like I've got the censored version. Ah well, I just won't be able to hear Chris' filthy mouth.
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Does anyone know if there has been an XP installer for Ripper or are we still left with only are figuring of DosBox?
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Originally Posted By: GreyFuss
Does anyone know if there has been an XP installer for Ripper or are we still left with only are figuring of DosBox?

Not free, but there's this

I'm guessing the seller is a programmer who wants to be paid for the work he puts into getting the game running on newer OS with a single click.
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Thanks Jenny100

I loved the game but not sure that much. I wonder if his installer solves the issue of disk swapping and if this guy can figure out this easily making installers for all these classic games how come they aren't more available. Hmmm, I wonder if he puts some type of copy protection on his installer disks so they can't be copied. I think I will ask him. 100% satisfaction on over 4000 sales can't be wrong...right?
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Hi GreyFuss smile

I have bought some games from this seller and they have all worked perfectly.
[No copy protection as far as I'm aware.]

Also, his "after sales service" is excellent thumbsup

And if you contact him before buying I'm sure you'll find him very helpful.


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Re: Ripper - 06/14/13 12:23 PM

I've also bought a few games from the same seller - he is very friendly & easy to communicate with!
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Mad & Chrissie

Thank you, its good to hear that the guy isn't a rip off. Did you also receive original game disks with the install disks or were they copy/burns of the original games? Did you have to use the game disks for your games installations or did the update Installation disk install the game also? The price is still a hard pill to swallow and makes the decision harder for sure but I am going to contact him. It sure would be nice to have a copy of this game to play whenever and not have to jump through hoops to get it to run. I like no brainers...fits me we.
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Hi GreyFuss, my experience of the games I've bought & played is that the seller sends you the original disc + an installation disc to be compatible with Xp, Win 7 & Win 8. You don't need to use the original disc as it's for copyright purposes only & you just install from the installation disc which incorporates whatever other programs/tweaks needed to run the game & it goes! Yes! the games are expensive in varying degrees depending on what you buy & amongst his catalogue are games that you can buy cheaper from GOG etc.

I finally got to play Callahan's Crosstime Saloon perfectly (I was sent an original disc) & I have a few other older games too - yes, you can go down the path of ordering the original games & download all the dosbox etc stuff - but this guy makes it so easy it's well worth the money if you really want to play the game & don't have the technical knowhow or can't be bothered to work at making it work!
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Thanks Chrissie

Installing the entire game from the Installation disk sure sounds like it would solve the disk swapping in Ripper but I better ask just to make sure. Your help is much appreciated
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I remember enjoying this game so very much when it first came out. After reading all these comments and getting the URL to the ebay site, I asked the seller if there was any disk swapping and he replied that the installation disk took care of it all and that there was no disk swapping.

So I now have the game ordered and am awaiting arrival.
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Re: Ripper - 06/15/13 11:09 AM

Excellent oldman

Thanks for sharing that with us. Could you come back after you get the game and installing it to let us know what you think?
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After reading this post I searched out my original game that has 6 discs and I used DOS to install it and I had forgotten some of the language that is used but I do remember story wise it was a very good game. The only thing I don't like about my DOS installation is that I have to play it in a half screen.
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Re: Ripper - 06/15/13 09:41 PM

Hi fellow Boomers,
I have the original boxed version of RIPPER. The last time I played it, it was on my old WIN 98 computer. I'm going to try to install and play it on my WIN XP computer. I'll let you know what happens after I try it.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" LOL
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Re: Ripper - 06/15/13 11:00 PM

Funny I just got it here,
Anyone ever get this running in Windows 7'
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Re: Ripper - 06/15/13 11:21 PM

If you want to try running the original version on XP, check Inferno's Setup Instructions

Note that it's very important to use the v1.03 patch (the larger patch) and not just the more recent v1.05 patch.
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Re: Ripper - 06/18/13 09:03 PM

Hi fellow Boomers,
I have the original boxed version and after three days, I finally got this game running well on my WIN XP PC. I followed Inferno's solution to getting it up and running, but without success. The game kept crashing and I had to manually shut down my computer because it "froze" after the game crash. I then found, doing a search, a link to "" run by "Steve". After following HIS solution, I finally was able to play the game in DOSBOX. He also had the links to the two patches needed to install and play the game.One thing he didn't mention that I read in the Patch Readme.txt in the game directory is that you have to start the game wth (in Dosbox 0.74), C:\Ripper "enter" and then the following: RIPPER /1 /v3 or the game WILL freeze.
You also have to know how to "mount" your cd drive in Dosbox and THEN start the game. Without this knowledge, you won't be able to play the game.
To find "Steve"s site, I googled "Ripper and Win XP".
I hope I have been of some help.
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Re: Ripper - 06/18/13 10:11 PM

Since the majority of this thread has become a topic of installation and running I will move this to Glitches.
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Re: Ripper - 06/18/13 11:31 PM

Thanks Browneyedtigre,

i hope my input has helped some of our frustrated Boomers in getting Ripper to work for them. It took me "ONLY" three days of research to "get it right". HAPY GAMING!
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Re: Ripper - 06/19/13 08:24 AM

The Metzomagic setup is ***here***.
His setup uses DOSBox as well as the two patches.
Then to run Ripper (make sure you are still in DOSBox) and execute:

ripper.exe /v /v3

That's it :-) Just for the record, the various VESA-related parameters are:

/V force 480 line mode
/V1 disable support for VESA 2.0
/V2 disable use of protected mode bank switching code
/V3 disable both

So Metzomagic's setup forces 480 line mode and disables VESA 2.0 and protected mode bank switching.

The reason games like Ripper from around 1995 used VESA 2.0 features was to make them "look" better. Modern video cards that use VESA 3.0 don't support undocumented VESA 2.0 features, even though they're considered "VESA compatible."

Inferno's setup uses VDMSound and a VESA 2.0 driver. Maybe the VESA 2.0 driver doesn't work in XP SP3 the way it did in the original XP. If you were able to get Inferno's setup to work, it might look better if you're playing full screen. But if you're playing in a window instead of full screen, you might not see much difference.

There is another Ripper how-to at VOGONS which uses both DOSBox and a different VESA driver from the one Inferno used.
As the last poster there found out, you don't get any "high resolution" option when you disable the VESA support using RIPPER.EXE /v /v3
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Re: Ripper - 06/19/13 09:05 AM

Interesting, Thanks Jenny100, the Vesa question would be a good one to ask the seller at Ebay
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Re: Ripper - 06/19/13 03:35 PM

Hi again, Jenny
The way Ripper is playing in Dosbox looks very good to me. It's not "jerky" at all, and it IS in Full Screen as well.
BTW, I have the "uncensored" version. Lucky ME. LOL
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Re: Ripper - 06/19/13 05:58 PM

Originally Posted By: sanford
I have the "uncensored" version. Lucky ME. LOL
Another good question for the seller
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Re: Ripper - 06/19/13 07:19 PM

I wouldn't expect it to be "jerky" on a modern computer. The VOGONS thread I linked to was from 2006, almost 7 years ago.

How it looks is another matter. But unless you saw Ripper played with the VESA-disabled option side by side with the VESA-enabled option, I'm not sure you could tell a difference. And a tiny improvement in the graphics might not be worth the bother of getting a VESA driver working anyway. If it looks good to you, that's what matters most.
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Re: Ripper - 06/19/13 11:28 PM

Thanks, Jenny. After all that "work" to get the game working well, I'm really satisfied with the results. The first time I played this game, it was on my WIN 95 or WIN 98 computer MANY moons ago. There was NO DOSBOX then. (No cell phones,EITHER) LOL!
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Re: Ripper - 06/20/13 08:47 AM

Same here. I played it on my Win 98 computer using a desktop shortcut that rebooted to DOS mode. It wouldn't work in Windows -- not on my computer anyway.
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Re: Ripper - 06/21/13 06:22 PM

Well the game finally arrived. It installed from the DVD with no hitches. I started the game and played through the intro and every thing is fine. Looks like the game is going to be great.

It is still a DOS game but the installer takes care of everything for you. Graphics, of course, are not what they are today but that's to be expected.

The seller, Chris Newman, seems very sincere in his guarantee and sent me a letter of instructions and said to contact him if I had any problems/questions as that was part of his guarantee.

He also sent along with it a DVD to install Harvester as a Bonus.

All in all I am very pleased.