Win7 Explorer

Posted by: LadyLinda

Win7 Explorer - 06/15/13 06:36 AM

Is there an option or setting in Windows 7 Explorer that you can turn on to tell you how many files are in a folder when you view it?

Posted by: mj2c

Re: Win7 Explorer - 06/15/13 10:08 AM

I doubt it for performance reasons. It would need to scan the contents for each folder every time you viewed them. I could be wrong though. Right clicking on a folder and selecting Properties will give you this info. In fact try doing this with a large folder and it will give you an idea of how much time this process takes for a single folder.
Posted by: InlandAZ

Re: Win7 Explorer - 06/15/13 11:12 AM

If you right click a folder and select properties, it will show you the number of files - but, that's about it.
Posted by: LadyLinda

Re: Win7 Explorer - 06/15/13 07:03 PM

Thanks, that will have to do.