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Posted by: JIMMYK

temporary files - 06/28/13 10:54 AM

Hi,i am having problems downloading games from Adventure Shop-they say to delete files so what is the easiest and safest way to delete temporary internet files without harming anything?
Posted by: Geo

Re: temporary files - 06/28/13 11:07 AM

Go to:
1) Start/computer
2) Right click on c drive
3) Click properties/disk cleanup
4) Do this maintenance function and make sure the temp internet files box is checked and it will clean that up along with the other boxes you check.
5) Do this once a month
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Re: temporary files - 06/28/13 04:43 PM

Thanks for the info-i did get Testament of Sherlock Holmes to download and install and removed those files from the downloader and the game works great but Amber's Blood keeps saying overflow and i cannot delete the files from the downloader-it just hangs up-so can anyone help?It is Adventure Shop-they said to delete the files but i cannot!

Posted by: Jenny100

Re: temporary files - 06/28/13 10:10 PM

You can delete temporary internet files through your web browser.
Here's how to do it in IE 7 and 8.
Posted by: JIMMYK

Re: temporary files - 07/03/13 02:45 PM

Hi, is there a way to do this without losing passwords?
Posted by: Homer6

Re: temporary files - 07/03/13 03:29 PM

The actual password(s) are stored on the site(s) you visit. Remember the registration forms you filled out? Remember you had, in most cases, to enter a password, amongst other things? So deleting Temporary files doesn't delete your passwords, just the information obtained from a site that helps that sites' pages load quicker.
Posted by: JIMMYK

Re: temporary files - 07/03/13 04:33 PM

When i look at the files after doing this there is still a lot of cookies still there!How do i delete these?Also still getting overflow in downloader for Adventure Shop and i cannot delete the game file-it still hangs up!
Posted by: traveler

Re: temporary files - 07/03/13 04:50 PM


Adventure Shop has always sent me links via email for downloading the files. Have you tried just clicking on them and downloading with your browser? Not with a download manager? I believe you said that your browser has a DL manager built in. Can you disable it? Or could you just use another browser like IE or Opera? Honestly, I've never had any trouble downloading the files through the links I've been sent and I do not use a DL manager except for GOG's which is more or less a 'have to'...and it works great.