Darryl Creed

Posted by: Terri824

Darryl Creed - 07/05/13 08:42 PM

Hi. What am I missing? I d/loaded the game, took a look, tried to exit out of the game and no matter what I did I couldn't. Ended up shutting my pc down. How do you exit please?
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Re: Darryl Creed - 07/05/13 08:50 PM


Did you right click and see the drop down at the top of the screen with the exit, load and save just like with the Carol Reed games?
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Re: Darryl Creed - 07/05/13 09:20 PM

Thanks GreyFuss. I did, and all I saw was _ _ad and save. Apparently exit is too far to the left for me to see. Not sure what to do now.
Posted by: GreyFuss

Re: Darryl Creed - 07/05/13 09:41 PM

I am sure its just a resolution change. Why not post in the Glitches Forum and let the techs help you.
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Re: Darryl Creed - 07/05/13 09:43 PM

I will move this to Glitches. THanks for your help Greyfuss!
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Re: Darryl Creed - 07/06/13 03:53 PM

I think Greyfuss is on the right track - peruse the links below, they describe how to change it.

How to change your screen resolution (XP)
Change your screen resolution (Windows 7)
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Re: Darryl Creed - 11/22/13 07:29 PM

Oh wow. Don't know if this is any good anymore but I don't even remember posting this. Now I'm really concerned! I had just come across this game on my pc a week or so ago and didn't have an idea where it came from, but opened it and it did look familiar. I had the same problem that I posted here.
Thank you for your replies. sad