Syberia 3

Posted by: teassoc

Syberia 3 - 06/11/17 02:37 PM

Have been really enjoying this game and yesterday got to the point of loading coal and water on to the ferry.
Sadly I can't get the game to start now. That is either from the 'continue' or 'load' from options.
I have been playing with a pretty new laptop with lots of power and disk space.
Any ideas anyone?
Posted by: Marian

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/11/17 03:07 PM

Since this sounds like a problem of a technical nature, I have moved your post over to Glitches. Let's see if the techies have some ideas about this.
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/12/17 10:33 AM

Hi teassoc,

I'm not a techie, but have some experience with this game. I think the real test would be if you are able to start a new game that seems somewhat normal and has active hotspots (white spots)?

Ttry the following:

1.leave the save you have now where it belongs by itself.
2. Start Syberia Three.
3.Start a New Game when the menu comes up. Provided You can start a new game with functional hotspots. Let Kate finish her discussion with Kurk in the new game, hit Esc Key.
4. Click on load. Does it show your save now after you click on Load (Does it show a picture of the location and a short description of where Kate is). Click on the Yellow Elliptical Described Area it asked do we want to load this game.
5.Confirm it and see if it loads.

If This works - Great
If not please explain exactly where it was dis-functional and how.

Best of luck.


Posted by: teassoc

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/12/17 02:24 PM

Thanks Bill.
I was reading up on glitches in the steam discussions and noticed others had suggested the same way forward for a black screen.
Sadly I have followed that and your advice and I am still stuck on the top of the water tower with no interactive spots to guide me down. I got to the point previously where I had successfully connected the pipe and run the water.
I did do a validation of the Syberia file and it said it was invalid, and that it would be re-acquired. Not sure how that is supposed to happen though.
Looks like my save file is corrupt or part of the game is corrupt.
I have requested microid help but not sure how long that is going to take.
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/12/17 04:30 PM

teassoc, Were you able to start a new game and did it show hotspots in the new game?

Might try introducing another save and see what happens. Some folks claim that certain actions on their part in the game can cause some of these problems. If your game after starting a new game can find another save, that's good, smile if it can't then we have a game problem which is not good. :(

Take care,

Posted by: teassoc

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/13/17 03:43 AM

Thanks Bill.
The new game did show hot spots after the initial discussion with Kurk.
I'll see if the game works with one of microid's saves.
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/13/17 09:53 AM

Hi teassoc,

I didn't know Microids was supplying some saves. Can you give me the link to them? FOUND IT!!!

Thank you,

I also have some saves if you need them. I'm in the process of testing them to see if they work ok.

Take care,

Posted by: teassoc

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/13/17 06:52 PM

Have you got or found a save anywhere near where I got to with Kate helping get the Krystal ready?

It would have been so much better if microids had more than one save file in the game!
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/13/17 09:06 PM

Hi teassoc,

I found 21 saves of Microids. One was referred to as Saves Syberia 3 (Multiple Saves -over 7 MBs) (Twenty Zipped Together) and one was a single save called Krystal key (Zipped by itself). The Save with the number 20 in the Multiple Saves Package is the one you want so you can do all the puzzles. The Ending part of this save's name is CleKrystal-KrystalKey. It starts you out with the Captain. Talk to him about the key. The page with the saves is:


Look at the bottom of the above page.

Be sure to change the 20 in the front of this saves name to 1 leave the two little hyphens.

Take Care,

Posted by: teassoc

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/14/17 04:49 AM

Many thanks. I'll try that later.
Posted by: teassoc

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/14/17 07:10 AM

I've managed to get it going using that saved file.

Brilliant. Many thanks once again.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/14/17 09:01 AM

Thanks, Mr. Bill. All your research into these saves has paid off!
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/14/17 12:08 PM

teassoc, You are very welcome. Enjoy!

Thank you Draclvr. Now I have to determine which save is for where in the game. smile

Take care,

Posted by: flotsam

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/17/17 07:09 PM

I went back in to play the point and click patched version before finalising my review and as far as I can tell I don't have the capacity to interact with things. Opening doors etc seem to happen ok, but the first puzzle where you repair the intercom, I can open it, fix it, but when I try and close it, I get the interaction icon but can't make it work. In the options menu, the controls section has a picture of my mouse for interaction, but nothing is highlighted. Left mouse is now walk.
Am I missing something??
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/17/17 07:26 PM

Hi Flotsam,

Last night I did that very same puzzle and I believe it operates the same as before.

Click to reveal..
The left mouse button with a click on the lower unit, hold and move upward just like before. Don't forget to push down on the Round thing with the wires to close it first before closing the front


Posted by: flotsam

Re: Syberia 3 - 06/17/17 08:34 PM

Thanks Mr Bill