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Posted by: kazzmo

GOG question - 09/06/17 10:18 PM

I have not ordered from GOG in a long time. Is GOG Galaxy the best way to download the games? I read a post tonight that mentioned Timelapse and I had to have the game.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: GOG question - 09/06/17 11:13 PM

You can use the old GOG downloader, GOG Galaxy which has a few more features - which I don't use - or you can use your browser to download. If your internet connection is reliable, you can use your browser, but you are responsible for downloading multiple files if they are necessary. If you use the GOG downloaders, it does the downloading of multiple files automatically.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: GOG question - 09/06/17 11:42 PM

GOG's version of Timelapse has
a single 1.4 gb installer file for the game
and a 3 mb file for the manual.

So as long as your connection is stable (and doesn't disconnect every 5 minutes) it should be easy enough just to download the files with your browser.

The GOG downloader that Draclvr likes is useful if your connection is not stable and disconnects in the middle of downloads. It will pick up where it left off if the connection breaks, so you don't have to start the download all over again.

GOG's Galaxy is their attempt at a "Big-Fish-like" or "Steam-like" client.
You can try it if you want.
I'd rather have a plain download.
Posted by: kazzmo

Re: GOG question - 09/07/17 12:03 AM

I have been blessed with a good steady quick connection. so I went for the standard download to my Download files. Thank both of you for your help. I truly appreciate all the good people here at Gameboomers. I, for one, would be lost without all of you. Thank you again.