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Posted by: petjo

on line purchases - 10/24/17 08:29 AM

Being a very senior citizen , please forgive me for asking what must be standard procedure --- I badly want to download carol reed pc games but the later ones do not seem to be available in the uk.-
I can see that I can download and purchase them from the USA but wonder if there is any complication with the currency and are there any bank charges.
would appreciate your always ready advice -- thanks -- peter
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: on line purchases - 10/24/17 09:16 AM

You should be able to get them by following links for the games from the developer's website at

Developer is in Sweden, not the US.
Best to get the games direct from the developer instead of from some 3rd party US website.
Posted by: Mad

Re: on line purchases - 10/24/17 01:21 PM

Some banks do make a charge when foreign currency is involved.
[But a quick phone call would tell you if your bank does.]

Do you have PayPal ??

I've found that to be the simplest thing to use when buying from overseas.
Posted by: petjo

Re: on line purchases - 10/24/17 02:53 PM

Thanks Jenny and Mad for that info— much appreciated—Peter