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Posted by: Geo

Win-10 email - 10/27/17 01:43 PM

Is there a way to delete 95 emails in the inbox quickly without having to click delete on each one?
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Win-10 email - 10/27/17 02:49 PM

Depends on what email client or program are you using? I use the old Windows Live Mail and I just right click on the inbox and select "empty inbox." They are sent to deleted items which I regularly clean out.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Win-10 email - 10/27/17 03:49 PM

Are these a series of emails with no gaps between?
Are they the entire contents of your Inbox?

Control + A highlights all

Highlight one email, and hold down Control while highlighting others will highlight the emails you select without de-selecting

Highlight one email, and hold down Shift while highlighting the end of the series will highlight those two emails plus all other emails in between

Once emails are highlighted, you may be able to use the Delete key to get rid of all the highlighted emails.

Works in Thunderbird email client anyway.
If you're using some webmail interface, there may be something specific to the webmail.
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Re: Win-10 email - 10/27/17 05:01 PM

And if you have tied something like Gmail or to the Windows Mail app, you have to delete them one at a time. If you have a Gmail or email account which you have tied to your Mail app, you can go to Gmail or directly and then empty the contents of folders or highlight and delete groups of emails as Jenny said.

Like I said above, it all depends on what you are using for email.
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Re: Win-10 email - 10/27/17 09:26 PM

I have the email that came with win-10.I don't know what its called. There is no master delete button like Live Mail that I can find. From what I read win-10 will not support Live Mail anymore. Trying to hi-lite a whole series of emails does not work.
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Re: Win-10 email - 10/27/17 11:03 PM

Live mail 2012 has not been supported for several years, but you can still use it. There is no email program that comes with Windows 10. There is only the email app which requires you to connect an email program or service to it. What is your email address? I don't want you to post the whole thing, but what I mean is what is the domain? For instance, I have an email address with Microsoft's It is *** I also have one connected to my Window 10 email app from Gmail... it is ***

If I'm not making myself clear, what do you click on to get to your email?
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Re: Win-10 email - 10/28/17 02:59 AM

I think you mean *** When I first turned win-10 on there was a square with an envelope that was email available. I just typed my Comcast password in and I was getting emails. I don't like it as much as Live Mail probably because I am so used to Live Mail because I have been using it so long.
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Re: Win-10 email - 10/28/17 10:46 AM

It sounds like you're using this,2817,2488072,00.asp

And it looks like you're not the only one who's had this problem.

Check ***here in Microsoft forum*** to see if any of the suggestions are appropriate.

One person claimed
Originally Posted By: SueBedford
If you click on the first email in the list then hold down the delete key it gets rid of all emails really quickly.

and more specifically
Originally Posted By: jonbayliss
Sue means hold down the Delete key on your keyboard once you have clicked on the 1st e-mail. You do not have to check the box.

however, as pointed out in that thread, there is the risk of accidental deletion with this method.

another user says
Originally Posted By: ChrisWhewell
Just by accident I found out that if you select the first email you want to delete and then hold down both the Ctrl and shift keys together and keep them down you can then sellect other emails you want to get rid of. When you have finished selecting release the two keys and then press your delete key.

and someone else claims it was patched
Originally Posted By: Onyxsolo
Happy to note it appears Microsoft has addressed this issue in a recent update. I'm not sure which one since there have been quite a few after the last major one. But you can now select multiple emails for deletion/moving with ctrl+a or holding down shift as long as you are not in selection mode. You can also deselect/select individual emails with ctrl.

Originally Posted By: A.User
You can click on enter selection mode. Whatever you're on inbox ,bulk mail or etc click on it located above the messages. Before you delete you can scroll through to see what you might want to save. Afterwards hit delete and all messages are deleted.

Some people are claiming it still doesn't work though.

Leave it to Microsoft to make something that should be really simple into something complicated -- just to be "different" or "modern" I suppose.
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Re: Win-10 email - 10/28/17 11:15 AM

If Jenny is correct, you may be using the Windows Mail app as I said above. You do not have to use it though. You can still get Windows Live Mail, but unfortunately Microsoft no longer has the download and you would have to use one of the download sites like File Hippo or Softonic. If you do use one of them, be very careful they don't include a bunch of crapware with the download. I'm still using it on my Windows 10 Pro myself.

I'm not a big fan of the Mail app for everyday use, but I do like it for monitoring about 7 email accounts for our American Legion Post. When I open the Mail app, I can see immediately if any of them has received an email. You CAN delete multiple emails by highlighting using the CRTL key, right clicking and selecting Delete. It works quite well.