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Discworld - 12/31/12 09:16 AM

Does anyone know a reputable site available in the UK where I can get hold of these 3 games. They were amongst the best I've ever played (especially the first 2...Noir wasn't quite so good) I had them on floppy disc when they first came out but threw them out ages ago for obvious reasons. I have been replaying old faves recently like MI 1 & 2, Secret Files 1 & 2 (I thought 3 a little disappointing by comparison) Syberia 1 & 2 and about to have another go at the Ankh trilogy and the Runaway trilogy.
I would love to play the Discworld games again but I can only find them running on old OSs like Windows 95/98 and not sure if they will run on my Win7 laptop. holidays
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Re: Discworld - 05/03/13 03:16 AM

I have just found these games on a site called ****** as well as Gilbert Goodmate which is another old game I enjoyed. Has anyone ever used this site? It looks rather dated, although they take Paypal, and there are no System Requirements against any of the games. They seem to offer 2 rates $5.95 for a day's download (max of 2) or $8.95 for a whole month. Can anyone tell me if the site is trustworthy and if these old games will run on a new system (Win8 and IE10)
Thanks headscratch
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Re: Discworld - 05/03/13 10:25 AM

THe website has been confirmed as selling therse games without permission so please do not use them. It is not a legal website.
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Re: Discworld - 05/03/13 07:43 PM

You can buy the original Discworld I and II for 95/98 and use ScummVM to run them.
I own quite a few old adventure games (Police Quest, Space Quest, Monkey Island etc.) and most of them run via ScummVM. It even runs Eye Of The Beholder.
List of compatible games.
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Re: Discworld - 05/07/13 04:35 AM

OK thanx. I'm glad I asked here first. I guess it's the old adage "If it looks to good to be true it probably is".
Wouldn't it be great if someone were to take these old games and revamp for today's systems, as was done with MI 1 & 2. There are so many old games I'd love to play again and I'm sure there's a whole generation out there that doesn't know they ever existed. There must be a market or we wouldn't all be gagging for eg Daedalic's latest offering. thumbsup
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Re: Discworld - 05/07/13 10:33 AM

lynthorpe, there are websites that do that legitimately. You can go to GoG or DotEmu

Ana wave
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Re: Discworld - 08/25/13 09:55 AM

Thanks Ana. I've used Gog quite a bit...dotemu is a new one on me.
I'm looking forward to Goodbye Deponia, Sam Peters, Lost horizon 2, Memoria etc.
Just think it would be great if someone remastered games like the Discworld games, Flight of the Amazon Queen, the first 2 Simon the Sorcerer games and I'm sure there are loads more. I think a lot of people would like to replay them minus the blocky graphics and having to sift through loads of different action options.
I live in hope!
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Re: Discworld - 08/26/13 04:00 PM

GOG has all three "Simon" games thumbsup
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Re: Discworld - 08/27/13 08:09 PM

Flight of the Amazon Queen is freeware.
You can download it from the ScummVM site and play it using ScummVM.