Accepting Games?

Posted by: oldfeeble

Accepting Games? - 12/30/17 04:19 PM

Hello, I was wondering if GameBoomers still has an active Trading Post? I have some old classic games to empty from my closet in the spirit of the new year. I am not sure if they are worth anything but more importantly maybe some Boomers are looking for an old classic game to play. Before I list them with a possible price I wanted to make sure the Trading Post was still active. Thanks for your help. Old Feeble (one of the games!)
Posted by: Marian

Re: Accepting Games? - 12/30/17 04:30 PM

Yes, it's still active; there just isn't as much activity here as there used to be. Feel free to post your list. wave12
Posted by: oldfeeble

Re: Accepting Games? - 12/30/17 04:32 PM

Thanks Marian, now all I need is a bit of ambition and a little time.....
Posted by: Tracy

Re: Accepting Games? - 12/31/17 08:11 PM

Hi old feeble. I just wanted to post and say I'm looking forward to seeing the games you have. I love the Trading Post and it has been awhile since a member has posted games. : )

Posted by: Bluto

Re: Accepting Games? - 01/06/18 02:10 PM

Hi oldfeeble

Bluto here, do you happen to have the game Dracula 4 The Shadow of the dragon
amoung your collection if so I would like to purchase it from you.