Dungeon Dwellers

Posted by: Pandora

Dungeon Dwellers - 10/30/12 10:29 AM

Below are the layouts of some haunted dungeons. In each dungeon, one third of the rooms are home to vampires and one third are home to zombies. Each room in the remaining third contains a two-sided mirror that bisects the room diagonally.

The number shown outside each entrance is the number of vampires and zombies you'd see looking in that door. Zombies, of course, can be seen both directly and in mirrors, but vampires can only be seen directly because they have no reflections.

Can you correctly place the vampires, zombies, and mirrors?

Still to solve: 1, 2

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Spooktacular solve!
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Re: Dungeon Dwellers - 11/01/12 01:03 AM

#4 smile
  2 1 1
1 Z / V 2
1 \ Z \ 0
3 Z V V 3
  1 2 3
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Ghoulishly good solve!